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Ascension Southeast Wisconsin podiatrists perform ankle replacement and reconstructive foot surgery.

Reconstructive ankle and foot surgery in Southeast Wisconsin

Our highly skilled Ascension foot and ankle surgeons in southeastern Wisconsin have the expertise you need when foot and ankle surgery is needed.

The next step you take should not involve pain or the fear of rolling your ankle. Ascension podiatrists have many treatment options for chronic foot pain and ankle instability, including minimally invasive surgery.

The ankle is a joint with bone and cartilage. Arthritis that sets in after a lower leg fracture is a common cause of ankle pain and joint instability. Walking with a normal gait is difficult. These patients tend to become sedentary, and weight-bearing foot pain is constant.

Surgical expertise and coordinated care

Our Ascension podiatrists use arthroscopic techniques to diagnose and surgically treat all types of foot and ankle injuries or defects. Before surgery is recommended, we employ non-operative treatments such as injections, physical therapy and bracing. Not everyone is a candidate for surgery. Our foot care doctors specialize in minimally invasive procedures and state-of-the-art surgical solutions.

  • An ankle fusion locks the joint using screws, plates and bone grafts to relieve weight-bearing pain, but also limits the range of motion.
  • Total ankle replacement (total ankle arthroplasty) uses a joint implant allowing for a wider range of motion so you can return to a more active lifestyle. (Ask the podiatrist if you are a candidate for this type of surgery.)
  • Defects in ankle or toe joint cartilage can be repaired with minimal incision surgery.
  • Foot reconstruction surgery repairs bone fractures and foot deformities in children and adults.
  • The cheilectomy procedure removes bone spurs and arthritic buildup.
  • Minimally invasive arthroscopy repairs ligament damage in the lower leg and feet.
  • Hammer toe surgery using a plate or rod straightens the toe and relieves pain.
  • The Jones fracture procedures is a screw fixation to heal the fifth metatarsal bone.

Ascension podiatry clinics include full-service casting and bracing services. Rehabilitation therapies and external bone stimulation can advance healing and overall recovery.

Customized long-term foot and ankle care

Doctor examining patient's foot.When your job keeps you on your feet all day, sore feet are not uncommon. Foot pain is not normal, and you should not have to live with it. If your pain becomes disabling, our foot and ankle specialists are highly knowledgeable and will determine the underlying cause of pain. We customize long-term foot and ankle care for your lifestyle. Don't let being born with flat feet (weaker arches) or developing plantar fasciitis and heel pain hold you back. As we age, it’s not uncommon to develop mid-foot arthritis with pain on the top of the foot or bottom middle of the foot. These conditions are very treatable.

Other medical conditions can contribute to your lower leg and foot health, such as diabetes, circulatory problems, and wound healing issues. With a thorough foot and ankle evaluation, we will identify the best treatment plan for your total health and well-being.

  • Obesity contributes to stress fractures in the feet. We work closely with Ascension bariatric weight loss programs to help patients regain mobility and stay active.
  • Athletes with sports injuries (splints, foot pain and ankle instability) get safely back into the game.
  • Infants born with a congenital defect, such as flat feet or a club foot, get the timely care they need for proper bone and muscle growth and development.
  • The elderly and those with chronic illnesses benefit from foot care that focuses on wound healing and fall prevention strategies.

Our care team is actively involved in your recovery from monitoring wound healing to the physical therapy treatments that get you moving again. At Ascension, we have what you need to improve your quality of life.

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