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Woman talking with a cardiologist at an Ascension site of care.

Lung cancer care in Michigan

Ascension Michigan lung cancer care team's expertise ranges from prevention and early detection to treatment and support.

The Ascension Michigan Lung Cancer care team delivers comprehensive cancer care services with specialized care for lung cancer patients and those at risk for developing it. We understand that when it comes to lung health, it is important to find out if you are at risk before symptoms start. Your multispecialty care team starts by listening to you, to better understand you and your health. Then, we work together to deliver personalized care. Our care ranges from prevention and early detection to diagnosis, treatment and survivorship programs.

Woman talks with her doctor at an Ascension site of care.

Lung screenings help identify your risk for lung cancer

The first step is to find out if you qualify for a low-dose CT lung screening. Your doctor will counsel you on how to stop smoking if you still smoke or may refer you for a scan. Screening for cancer means testing for cancer before there are any symptoms. Screening for some types of cancer has reduced deaths by early detection and treatment. According to new guidelines published by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, you may be qualified for a low-dose CT lung cancer screening if you are:

Smokers without symptoms and former smokers aged 50 to 80 who have smoked 20 pack-years or more (this means one pack a day for 20 years, OR two packs a day for 10 years, etc.) and either continue to smoke or have quit within the past 15 years.

Smokers without symptoms and former smokers outside of the smoking and age criteria listed above but are deemed high risk of having/developing lung cancer (risk factors can include family history of lung cancer, emphysema, pulmonary fibrosis, and exposure to certain substances exposures)




Non-smoker risk

Some people who get lung cancers have no risk factors at all. Some of these risk factors can cause changes or mutations which can lead to abnormal cell growth and sometimes cancer.

Risk factors for lung cancer, other than tobacco use, include:

  • Radon gas exposure
  • Secondhand smoke
  • Cancer-causing agents at work such as arsenic, uranium, asbestos and diesel exhaust)
  • Air pollution
  • Gene mutations (changes)

You should also talk with your insurance provider about your coverage.

Ascension Michigan lung cancer care team

When you choose Ascension Michigan for your cancer care, you get a multispecialty care team dedicated to your care. We specialize in all lung cancers at any stage — no matter what your diagnosis is, we’re here for you. The board-certified, fellowship-trained thoracic surgical oncologists, medical oncologists, radiologists, radiation oncologists, pulmonologists, pathologists, nurse practitioners and nurse navigators work together using the most advanced technology.

The importance of our tumor board

Through virtual and non virtual tumor boards, patients with complex cancers benefit from multiple clinical opinions reviewing their personal case. Our team stretches across the state of Michigan and are here to help support you throughout your journey. The same specialists that make up your care team have access to the details of your case and meet to discuss and provide cancer care perspectives so that you receive the best possible options as you move through your cancer journey).

The cancer specialists listed below are highly engaged members of the Ascension Michigan Lung tumor boards in regions throughout the state.




Get a second opinion

Medical oncologists

Southeast Michigan

Dr. Cibar Benitez, Novi
Dr. Adam Biedny, Grosse Pointe Woods
Dr. Amy Calati, Bingham Farms, Novi, Rochester Hills, Southfield
Dr. Adam Forman, Southfield
Dr. Tarik Hadid, Warren
Dr. Hosam Hakim, Grosse Pointe Woods
Dr. Zyad Kafri, Grosse Pointe Woods
Dr. Wajahat Khan, Macomb, Warren
Dr. Asma Taj, Grosse Pointe Woods, Warren, Macomb
Dr. Susan Lyons, Novi

Mid-Northern Michigan

Dr. Paul Adams, Flint
Dr. Rizwan Danish, Flint
Dr. Khalil Katato, Flint
Dr. Christopher Szyarto, Flint

West Michigan

Dr. Iman Mohamed, Kalamazoo, Dowagiac
Dr. Mohammed Hameed, Kalamazoo
Dr. Hemasni Tokala, Kalamazoo, Dowagiac

Thoracic (lung/esophagus) surgeons

Southeast Michigan

Dr. Michael Bousamra, Grosse Pointe Woods, Warren, Rochester
Dr. Michael Lee, Southfield
Dr. James Martin, Warren
Dr. Oktavijan Minanov, Clinton Twp.

West Michigan

Dr. Alok Dash, Kalamazoo
Dr. Jerry Pratt, Kalamazoo

Woman visits with her nurse at an Ascension site of care. Radiation oncologists

Southeast Michigan

Dr. Eyad Abu-Isa, Southfield, Novi
Dr. Amr Aref, Grosse Pointe Woods, Macomb Township
Dr. Cynthia Browne, Grosse Pointe Woods
Dr. June Chan, Novi
Dr. Paul Chuba, Warren, Rochester Hills
Dr. Laura Kollar McNew, Southfield
Dr. Anna Rabbani, Rochester Hills, Warren
Dr. Maria Vlachaki, Grosse Pointe, Rochester Hills

Mid-Northern Michigan

Dr. Neal Bhatt, Marlette, Saginaw, West Branch
Dr. Nicholas Damico, Saginaw
Dr. Paul Kocheril, Flint
Dr. Tushar Shah, Flint

Western Michigan

Dr. Daniel Chamberlain, Kalamazoo
Dr. Brandon Mancini, Kalamazoo
Dr. Mazen Mislmani, Kalamazoo
Dr. Jeffrey Radawski, Kalamazoo

Mother rubs sunscreen into her son's cheeks. Meet our nurse navigator team

The Ascension Michigan Lung Cancer program will connect you with a nurse navigator to educate you, answer your questions and help guide you and your family through the cancer journey. Your nurse navigator will also be an advocate for you and help you get treatment in a timely manner.

Deidra Bess, RN- Ascension Providence
Ellie McWilliams, RN - Ascension Providence
Brian Cecil, RN- Ascension Genesys
Mary Snyder, RN -Ascension Borgess
Snezana Koshar, RN - Ascension Borgess
Joanna Scheunemann, RN- Ascension Macomb-Oakland
Sherri Taylor, RN- Ascension Borgess
Pamela Watson, RN- Ascension St. John

Our lung program services

By using advanced imaging and minimally-invasive surgical technology and techniques, our care teams quickly and accurately provide a diagnosis and work together with you on a treatment plan that best fits your personal goals. The Ascension Michigan Lung Cancer care team offers the following services for complete lung cancer care:

  • Pulmonary lung nodule program management - The purpose of the pulmonary lung nodule program is to identify any potential lung cancers early when they are most treatable. Once found, pulmonary nodules must be regularly monitored, evaluated, diagnosed and treated. Early detection, accurate diagnosis, and swift intervention are major factors which can lead to more positive functional recovery outcomes.
  • Interventional pulmonology
  • Thoracic surgical oncology: Advanced thoracic surgical techniques, including minimally-invasive surgeries, are used to remove nodules, tumors and lymph nodes to diagnose, stage and treat cancers of the thoracic wall including the lungs and esophagus.
  • Medical oncology: Advanced treatments are offered in chemotherapy, hormone therapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy
  • Radiation oncology: Advanced radiation therapy is used to target and destroy cancer cells while avoiding the surrounding healthy tissue.
  • Molecular Tumor Board: A multidisciplinary tumor conference that focuses on precision medicine
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation: An outpatient supervised program including exercise, health maintenance, and breathing techniques for those who are symptomatic or have decreased respiratory function.
  • Clinical trials: Ascension Michigan cancer care teams are actively engaged in cancer research studies and clinical trials.
  • Palliative care: For individuals dealing with long-term, serious conditions, palliative care teams help relieve symptoms while providing family support.
  • Genetic Counseling: Genetic counselors educate you about your risk of developing certain cancers based on your family history.

Our locations

Ascension offers cancer care services throughout the state of Michigan:

Van Elslander Cancer Center, Grosse Pointe Woods
Webber Cancer Center, Warren
Ascension Providence CK Potluri Cancer Center, Southfield
Assarian Cancer Center, Novi
Ascension St. John Hospital Cancer Care, Macomb
Ascension St. John Hospital Cancer Center Rochester, Rochester Hills
Ascension Borgess Cancer Center, Kalamazoo
Ascension St. Mary’s Hospital Seton Cancer Institute, Saginaw
Ascension St. Mary’s Hospital Seton Cancer Institute, West Branch
Ascension St. Joseph Hospital Seton Cancer Institute, Tawas
Ascension Genesys Hurley Cancer Institute, Flint