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Chaplain Program

Saint Thomas River Park Hospital believes that quality care involves the social, emotional, spiritual, and the physical restoration of the person.

Patients are always welcome to request a visit from their own pastors; however, if their pastor is not available or the family does not regularly attend church, a volunteer chaplain is available as needed.

The Volunteer Chaplain Program at Saint Thomas River Park is designed to enhance the comfort, care and happiness of our patients and their loved ones, as well as our volunteers, employees, hospital visitors and the community at large.

Volunteer chaplains are responsible for being on call during certain weeks based on an 11-week, rotating schedule. This on call schedule is available at all nurse stations and registration desks, as well as the volunteer services/visitor information desk in the main lobby. Volunteer chaplains will provide spiritual care services on a volunteer basis, are official members of the Saint Thomas River Park Hospital Volunteer Program, and can be identified easily by their hospital-issued identification badge.

Volunteer chaplains are not to tell others that a patient is in the hospital without the patient’s permission, will not pray for a patient if asked not to and must leave a patient’s room upon request. They have been briefed on hospital protocols and are to follow the same strict patient rights and privacy guidelines as other hospital personnel under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

A variety of religious backgrounds enhance the program and service offered to patients. Volunteer chaplains are available to provide spiritual care and guidance on an ecumenical and interfaith basis. The volunteer chaplain seeks to be open and understanding of all, appreciating the variety of religious backgrounds represented among the patients, visitors and personnel of our facility.

Any questions about Saint Thomas River Park’s Volunteer Chaplain Program should be directed to Hansel Moore at