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Patient Stories

NaPro Technology is a new women’s science that uses the Creighton Model of natural family planning in order to diagnose and treat disease.

Suzie, Natural Fertility Care Patient, Ascension Saint Agnes in Baltimore, Maryland. “I wish I had learned about NaProTechology years ago! My charts were never “typical.” I seemed to ovulate late and then soon after begin to menstruate. My husband and I started charting using the Creighton Method. Dr. Sorra confirmed my hormone imbalance through a series of blood tests and began treatment using shots of natural progesterone. My chart and my symptoms began to change within the very first cycle. The feelings of moodiness, irritability, anger, and depression that I had endured for years finally lifted. My insomnia stopped.

Now as I enter perimenopause and my cycle is changing again, I am much more aware of my body changes because of the Creighton Method. I believe NaProTechnology and progesterone support are helping me to smooth my transition into menopause symptom-free.”
— Suzie, Natural Fertility Care Patient

Kristen, Natural Fertility Care Patient, Ascension Saint Agnes in Baltimore, Maryland. “After being told from well-known fertility clinics that doing fertility treatments wouldn’t be worth their time or my money, a friend introduced me to NaPro technology. I was skeptical but wanted to learn more about it so I contacted a teacher, Julie Tomko. While I was learning the system, I enjoyed discovering more about how my body worked and felt secure and uplifted by Julie. After meeting with Dr. Sorra and determining a course of action, I was pregnant the following cycle and now have a beautiful, healthy daughter! It pays to understand your body, to have faith in God’s design, and to have a physician that believes that anything is possible. Dr. Sorra and NaPro technology gave me the tools to read the signals my body was already saying, brought me closer to my husband, and best of all – gave me hope.”
— Kristen, Natural Fertility Care Patient