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Billing services quick reference guide

Ascension St. Vincent Joshua Max Simon Primary Care Center in Indianapolis, Indiana, provides financial and billing services.

Thank you for entrusting your care to the providers of Ascension St. Vincent Joshua Max Simon Primary Care Center (PCC) in Indianapolis, Indiana. The PCC provides many services to patients including family medicine, internal medicine, women's health, pediatric care, podiatry, general surgery, pharmacy, laboratory, social services and others. The PCC is an outpatient department of the hospital and is a teaching facility with resident education occurring every day. As an outpatient department of the hospital, we must meet the same regulatory requirements as the hospital which is different from most physician practices since most are not hospital departments. Please find questions and answers to help navigate any billing or financial questions you might have.

Why am I receiving two billing statements for the same day of service?

Professional Fee: This fee is associated with our providers covering their expertise, time, and compassionate care they provide to patients. 

Facility Fee: This fee includes charges associated with the operational costs of running a medical facility like ours. The fee helps to cover various expenses, such as maintaining a safe and clean environment, having up-to-date equipment, and meeting the requirements as a department of the hospital.

The amount a patient is responsible for will depend on their insurance coverage, including factors like deductibles, co-payments, and co-insurance.

What if I don’t have insurance?

The Primary Care Center is dedicated to making sure all who walk through our doors receive the healthcare they need and deserve. Financial assistance is available for certain individuals who receive emergency or other medically necessary care from Ascension St. Vincent. Members of our Health Access team are available by appointment to help navigate financial challenges that may keep some from getting necessary healthcare services. Please see a front desk associate to help schedule an appointment with a member of our Health Access team. 

What does the Health Access team help with? 

The Health Access team will help determine what insurance options may exist depending on income and family sizes and assist with the application process including charity care, if applicable.

How do I apply for financial assistance?

To apply for financial assistance, you will complete a written application and provide supporting documentation, as described in the Financial Assistance Policy. The Financial Assistance Policy application and supporting documentation will be mailed to:

Ascension St. Vincent
PFS Dept / Self Pay Team/Confidential
PO Box 40970
Indianapolis, IN 46260-0970

Copies of the Financial Assistance Policy and Financial Assistance Policy application forms are available at and at all PCC front desks.

How will I know if I qualify for a charity discount and for how much? 

Ascension’s billing service will review the financial application with the required documents provided. Patients will be notified by letter regarding any charity care eligibility.

If determined to receive a charity care discount, how do I obtain my new or updated (if expired) PCC charity discount card? 

Please stop at the front desk of your primary care clinic and a PCC associate will access your account, verify information, and provide a discount card, if appropriate. Charity discount cards are valid for 6 months. Upon expiration, an updated financial application will need to be submitted.

What if I am not eligible? 

If you do not qualify for financial assistance under the Financial Assistance Policy, you may qualify for other types of assistance. 

Important phone numbers:

General billing: 800-566-5050 or 317-583-4360

Lab billing questions (Quest): 800-888-8333