Specialty Care

Wound Care

Coping with wounds can be frustrating and uncomfortable, but personalized care from Ascension can help you heal and get back to your daily routine.

About Wound Care

Ascension wound care specialists treat all types of wounds, including burns, diabetic wounds, surgical wounds, pressure ulcers and wounds that just won’t seem to heal.

We start by talking with you to assess your wound, its cause and anything affecting the healing process. We then develop a customized care plan for your needs; treatments may include physical therapy, compression therapy, nutritional counseling, surgical VAC (vacuum-assisted closure) or debridement to remove infection.

When a wound doesn’t heal with general treatments, hyperbaric oxygen therapy — which involves breathing 100 percent oxygen — can help. This increased supply of oxygen to the wound helps heal damaged tissues. Other advanced technologies include low-frequency ultrasound therapy and Apligraf®, which uses live skin cells to heal ulcers and diabetic wounds.

Throughout your treatment, Ascension wound care experts work closely with your primary physician to give you the best possible opportunities for healing.