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Ascension Wisconsin cancer rehab therapies are part of our full spectrum of cancer care services.

Providing a Network of Cancer Rehab Programs

Cancer survivorship includes coordinated cancer rehab. At Ascension Wisconsin Rehabilitation, our therapists have that expertise.

Cancer Rehabilitation in Wisconsin

Throughout Wisconsin, Ascension physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech pathologists offer therapies to improve your overall cancer survivorship experience. Pain management, “chemo fog”, swelling, and fatigue are all common concerns. Our goal is to restore balance to your daily activities and offset the side effects from the cancer treatments, so you feel more like yourself again. In Wisconsin, patients have direct access to physical therapy with some provisions. Referral is not required for conditioning, injury prevention, improving biomechanics, and treating musculoskeletal injuries (excluding acute fractures or soft tissue avulsions).

To learn more, ask your cancer care team about cancer rehab programs near you.


Focusing on You and Your Goals

After a surgery, procedure, chemotherapy or radiation therapy, your body’s immune system is weaker. Our cancer rehab approach applies to every stage of your treatment plan.

We give you tools to manage:

  • Balance and walking challenges
  • Daily activities like dressing and bathing
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Difficulty with swallowing or speech
  • Pain and swelling
  • Pelvic floor pain or incontinence
  • Problems sleeping
  • Weakness and fatigue

Our care team uses exercises, soft tissue treatment, and other cognitive and memory care activities to bolster your overall health.

The Cancer Rehabilitation Team

Our compassionate care team is part of your larger cancer care team. Our therapists specialize in specific cancer care rehab techniques, including lymphedema therapy for swelling and circulation problems.

Your oncologist and surgeon are always involved in your cancer rehabilitation plan.

Physical therapist - improves physical strength and ability to move, especially due to muscle loss, long-term bed rest, difficulty balancing, and limitations to specific body parts. They use ultrasound, massage and other techniques to help alleviate pain.

Occupational therapist - provides methods and tools to increase function, comfort, and safety, especially in the home. They will teach you energy-saving methods for certain tasks.

Lymphedema therapist - reduces the fluid buildup from damage to lymph nodes; techniques include compression garments, specialized massages, bandaging methods, and exercises.

Speech language pathologist - specializes in communication and swallowing disorders by retraining vocal and oral motor skills and using therapies to improve memory and organization skills.

Ascension Wisconsin Rehabilitation therapists coordinate care with other cancer care team members (certified oncology-trained dietitians, mental health professionals, and social workers) to encourage involvement in individual or group survivorship classes and events.

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New Pre-Pay Program for Therapy Services

Don’t let rapidly changing healthcare insurance plans stop you from getting the physical therapy, occupational therapy or speech-language services you need. The Ascension Wisconsin Rehabilitation pre-pay program enables you to pay for services rendered with check, cash, or credit card for a very affordable price.

This option provides greater flexibility for patients with different types of insurance coverage:

  • High deductibles
  • A treatment plan that requires limited therapy visits
  • Services not covered by your insurance plan, for example, dry needling or some pediatric therapies
  • Self-pay based on your needs at that time

Patients of all ages can participate in the pre-pay program. For more information, contact an Ascension Wisconsin Rehabilitation Clinic or Hospital near you.