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Get care for your child's sports injury

Sports medicine doctors and athletic trainers at Ascension sites of care deliver care for children and teens with sports injuries.

Helping your child when a sports injury happens

Whether your young athlete is recovering from an injury or needing to improve overall fitness, our care teams are ready. Sports medicine doctors provide care for ankle sprains, muscle soreness, shoulder and knee injuries, concussions, and more. Our doctors and school-based athletic trainers are here to help evaluate injuries. We provide a personalized care plan for injury rehabilitation and improving overall fitness. We start by identifying areas for improvement, such as:

  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Endurance
  • Reaction time
  • Side to side agility
  • Speed
  • Strength
  • Vertical leap

Seeking the right care for any activity-related injury is important, whether your child is a school athlete or not. Our sports medicine doctors personalize your child’s treatment and recovery plan to match their physical abilities and performance goals.

Sports performance programs for young athletes

At Ascension sites of care, we offer sports performance programs with individual and group athletic training classes. At some locations, we provide skills workshops led by strength and conditioning coaches for specific sports and age groups. Our sports medicine doctors and athletic trainers also help prepare young athletes for competitions, while being mindful of helping prevent overuse injuries.

Helping athletes improve during the off-season

During the off-season, our sports medicine and sports performance team is ready to help your child or teen athlete improve training and mental focus. We address injuries, sports nutrition needs and other barriers that may affect performance goals.

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Ascension has a compassionate, personalized approach to Pediatric Sports Medicine.