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Personalized breast surgery in Chicagoland

Breast surgeons at Ascension Illinois deliver surgical care for breast cancer, tumors and breast reconstruction.

Breast surgeons at Ascension Illinois specialize in the removal of breast cancer, tumors and other noncancerous conditions. There are many types of breast surgery — from breast conserving surgery to mastectomies and more. It’s important to fully understand your surgery options before deciding on the best treatment plan for you. That’s why each appointment starts with a conversation. Ask us your questions – big and small. Your surgeon takes the time to answer your questions and fully explain your surgical treatment options. We make sure you have all the information you need to make a decision that’s right for you. Then, we work together on a personalized care plan – from surgery to recovery.


Personalized surgery options

Your breast surgeon and oncologist work together to recommend treatment options. We explain the different types of surgeries and help you decide what treatment is right for you.

Breast-conserving surgery: This type of surgery, also known as lumpectomy or partial mastectomy, removes only the tumor or cancer. The goal of this surgery is to remove the tumor or cancerous tissue, while saving as much of the healthy breast tissue as possible.

Mastectomy: A mastectomy removes the entire breast. Not all breast cancers need a mastectomy to be treated. A mastectomy may be recommended based on your cancer, and shape and size of your breast. If you carry certain gene mutations, a mastectomy can also be performed to help decrease your risk of developing breast cancer in the future.

Nipple-sparing mastectomy: This type of mastectomy can provide a more natural look. If you choose to have a mastectomy and do not have any cancerous tissue in your nipple, you may qualify for a nipple-sparing mastectomy. With this type of surgery, your surgeon removes all the breast tissue, while saving the nipple. The size and shape of your breast also determines whether or not you can have this type of surgery.

Breast surgery with reconstruction or reshaping: Plastic surgeons can help restore the shape of your breast after surgery. This may be done using an implant or your own tissue. Depending on your overall health and the stage of your breast cancer, your reconstruction surgery may be done at the same time as your cancer removal, or at a later time. When you have a mastectomy without cancer present, reconstruction is usually done at the same time.

Hidden Scar™ surgery for breast cancer removal

Woman talking with her doctor.Deciding on the type of breast surgery is a personal decision. And your overall health and many other factors will help determine the surgery options you may have. Removing cancer is our top priority. But to help you have the best possible cosmetic outcome, some of our surgeons provide Hidden Scar breast surgery. This advanced surgical technique can be used for breast-conserving procedures and mastectomies. With Hidden Scar surgery, your surgeon places your incision in a location that is hard to see, so that the scar is not visible when your incision heals. As a result, you may have little to no visible reminder of the surgery or your cancer.

Additionally, a Hidden Scar nipple-sparing mastectomy can be used in patients seeking a prophylactic mastectomy. A prophylactic mastectomy is a surgery that is performed when cancer has not been diagnosed, but the patient has a gene mutation that significantly increases the future risk for breast cancer. If you have been diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS, non-invasive cancer), or small tumors that do not lie directly beneath the nipple, you may also choose to have Hidden Scar nipple-sparing mastectomy.

Meet our breast surgeons

Mark Connolly, MD, FACS
Breast Surgery

Lauren Ghee, MD
Breast Surgery

Constantine Godellas, MD
Surgical Oncology,  Breast Surgery

Robert Maganini, MD
Breast Surgery

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Your patients can expect compassionate, personalized care from the moment our specialists connect with them. Our breast surgeons start by listening to fully understand your patient’s needs and to develop an individualized care plan. To make a doctor referral, please call.

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