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Insurance Coverage - Bariatric Surgery

At Ascension Borgess Hospital Bariatric Center, we provide you with payment options and insurance guidelines for bariatric surgery.


Your health insurance paves the way for your weight-loss journey. Bariatric surgery is an elective procedure, so it is important you understand what is and is not covered by your insurance plan. Our insurance coordinator can help explain your pre-approval requirements and submit you for coverage. Most insurance plans require you to participate in a weight-loss trial under a doctor’s supervision. They may also request documents that show that your weight has been a long-term health issue.

Insurance coverage checklist

Before working with our insurance coordinator, we highly recommend contacting your insurance company to verify your bariatric surgery coverage and any plan limitations. Here are some common questions you can ask:

  • Is bariatric surgery covered on my insurance plan or is it an exclusion? Please use procedure codes:
    • 43644 for Gastric Bypass with a Diagnosis Code E66.01
    • 43775 for Sleeve Gastrectomy with a Diagnosis Code E66.01
  • What requirements do I need to meet to qualify for surgery?
  • What is my deductible? What are my out of pocket costs?
  • Is my deductible applied to my out of pocket?

Please document the date, time and name of the individual you speak with at your insurance company, as well as the information they provide you.