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About Us
At Ascension Saint Agnes Imaging Center in Baltimore, our radiologists provide high-quality digital images and prompt test results.

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ACR seal, Ascension Seton Imaging in Baltimore, Maryland. To ensure we are providing excellent patient care and a safe environment for our patients, Ascension Saint Agnes Imaging Center has taken the pledge to image gently and wisely.

Safety is our top priority and many of our procedures require no radiation. Our doctors take time to explain the testing you need and how it will help your doctor develop your care plan. We are committed to open communication with you.

Procedures we perform include mammograms, MRIs, CTs, PET scans, DEXA scans, ultrasounds, X-rays, lung screenings, 3D mammography and more.

Personalized imaging

At Ascension Saint Agnes Imaging Center, our radiologists work closely with your referring physician to provide the type of imaging that’s right for you. We work together to deliver high-quality digital images and accurate readings.

Leaders in diagnostic radiology

You can trust your imaging needs to our care team. Board-certified radiologists at Ascension Saint Agnes Imaging Center are the same physicians selected to train both their colleagues and the next generation of radiologists. This means your radiologist has the experience and skills to provide personalized imaging that’s right for you.

Practicing safe imaging techniques

Safety is our top priority. Our care team uses imaging methods that provide high-quality diagnostic imaging with the least amount of radiation required. Many of our procedures require no radiation at all.

Meet our care team

Our doctors are here to answer your questions. Before testing, we make sure you understand the imaging test and know what to expect. After the test, we provide a report to your doctor within 48 hours.