Ascension Saint Agnes Comprehensive Breast Center, located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Ascension Saint Agnes Breast Center

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About Us
In Baltimore, Ascension Saint Agnes Breast Center offers mammography, breast disease diagnosis and treatment, and more - all under one roof.

At Ascension Saint Agnes Breast Center, we listen to understand the needs of our patients. Then, we provide a multidisciplinary approach to breast health.

Personalized, compassionate breast care

Ascension Saint Agnes was one of the first national programs to receive full accreditation in 2007. Our team provides comprehensive support and breast health education to help you stay ahead in the fight against breast disease. We offer imaging, biopsy, chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and clinical trials all on the Ascension Saint Agnes Hospital campus, conveniently located off 95 and 695. Our certified Breast Center exceeds all national quality standards by providing the care and expertise you need all in one convenient location.

Your dedicated Breast Center team

We understand a diagnosis of breast cancer is overwhelming, so our team works tirelessly to provide one-on-one time with you, answering questions and talking through your specific options. You will spend time one-on-one with each of your specialists. Your specialists will then meet as a complete team, putting their ideas together to develop the best and most complete plan for you. As a board of experts, they share ideas, strategies and results, so you get second and third opinions from the start. Your surgeon will receive a full treatment plan and timeline you can trust and will follow up with you to discuss.

You can take comfort in knowing that one team will work with you, review your plan and ensure the most effective and personalized treatment plan is shared with you. That team is with you from beginning to end, regardless of the type of case.

Our treatment approach

Treatments for breast cancer typically fall into two categories: local (surgery and radiation) and systemic (chemotherapy or various oral endocrine-based medications) treatments. Local treatments focus on treating the tumor. Systemic treatments target cancer cells that may have traveled elsewhere in the body. Our collaborative team will talk with you about the benefits and possible side effects of each option. Each patient receives a full perspective, including a personal treatment plan, timeline, and a one-on-one consultation with each of your specialists.

Below is a brief outline of our Comprehensive Breast Center’s process for treating breast cancer.

  1. Diagnostic imaging – performing and interpreting mammograms, ultrasounds, and minimally invasive biopsies
  2. Pathology – interpreting biopsy results and performing additional testing
  3. Surgery – a lumpectomy or mastectomy is typically performed
  4. Reconstructive surgery – plastic surgery to reconstruct the breast
  5. Radiation oncology – directed radiation treatments to the breast
  6. Medical oncology – additional medical treatments such as chemotherapy or endocrine based therapy
  7. Support – classes, navigators, social workers, financial advisors and groups