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Financial Assistance

If you’re uninsured or have trouble paying for healthcare, Ascension may be able to help through our financial partnerships and resources.

Need help paying your bill? Let us know. We understand that not all patients have insurance or the same financial circumstances. We have a variety of discount programs and payment options, and specialists who can work with you one-on-one to understand your bill, your insurance coverage and assistance for which you may qualify. Please review our Financial Assistance Policy linked below.

Financial Assistance Program Summary

Financial Assistance Policy

How to apply for Financial Assistance

To apply for financial assistance, print and complete the Financial Assistance Application Form and mail the completed form along with supporting documentation to the address listed below.

Financial Assistance Application Form

Mail Your Financial Assistance Application

Please mail your application along with supporting documentation to the following address:

For Hospital Accounts:
Ascension Sacred Heart
PO Box 946891
Atlanta GA 30394

For Medical Group Accounts:
Attn: Physician Self-Pay
Ascension Medical Group Sacred Heart
P.O. Box 80278
Indianapolis, IN 46240-9998


Is Your Physician or other Providers Covered Under the Ascension Sacred Heart Financial Assistance Policy?

Select a list below to see if a physician is covered under our financial assistance policy:

Get Insured

Has Your Insurance Coverage Recently Ended?

COBRA allows you to temporarily keep the health insurance offered by your employer if you lose or quit your job, or reduce your work hours. If you are hospitalized within 60 days of losing your job, please contact us by dialing 1-866-869-9677 or in person at any of our facilities.

Discount Program

We have a discount program available to patients without insurance that do not qualify under the Ascension Sacred Heart Financial Assistance Policy.

Uninsured discounts are as follows:

  • Ascension Sacred Heart Pensacola – 55%
  • Ascension Sacred Heart Emerald Coast – 55%
  • Ascension Sacred Heart Gulf – 55%
  • Ascension Sacred Heart Bay – 55%
  • Ascension Medical Group Sacred Heart – 41%

(Discounts rates effective on July 1, 2022.)

If you have insurance and you can't pay your bill, please contact us at 1-866-869-9677.

In cases where an eligible patient receives financial help of less than 100% of gross charges, the patient will not owe more than the amount generally billed (AGB) to individuals who have insurance. Please contact us to request a paper copy of the AGB calculations.

Medicaid Qualification

Ascension Sacred Heart also assists patients in the process of qualifying for Medicaid and other programs. For more information, please contact us by phone at 1-866-869-9677.

Payment Options

After we have processed payments from your insurance, Medicare or Medicaid, you may receive a bill for remaining charges you are responsible to pay.

If you are unable to pay your bill in full, our specialists can work with you to set up a payment plan to pay your balance over time.

Help is available by contacting 866-869-9677.

Obstetrics Pre-pay Program

Only available at the following locations:

Ascension Sacred Heart provides a prepayment discount for patients who have an uncomplicated obstetric delivery and do not have insurance coverage.  The discount represents a savings of 40-50%. To qualify for OB Pre-pay, payment must be received prior to or before discharge. Please note that the pre-payment does not include the delivery fee charged by your obstetric physician or anesthesia.

The following pre-payment prices include room and board and medical supplies for both mother and baby for normal uncomplicated delivery.

  • $3,000.00 for a two-day stay
  • $6,500.00 for a c-section (three-day stay)