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Ann L. Baroco Center for Breast Health and Mammography

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About Us

The Ann L. Baroco Center for Breast Health and Mammography offers mammography services in Pensacola, Florida.

Since 1987, the Ann L. Baroco Center for Breast Health and Mammography at Ascension Sacred Heart Pensacola been one of the most trusted providers of breast cancer screenings and detection services. Over the years, we've expanded our services and grown with our community, adding cancer support groups, weekend hours, digital equipment, online scheduling, onsite radiologists available for consultations and the latest, state-of-the-art imaging techniques to ensure you receive the very best of care.

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer occurring in women (behind skin cancer) and the second leading cause of cancer death in women. One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in her lifetime. Fortunately, with early detection and a comprehensive medical team on your side, breast cancer is both treatable and beatable. There is hope.

Mammography Services

Mammography is the imaging of the breast that has proven to be the most effective way to detect breast cancer early. The American Cancer Society recommends annual mammograms for women starting at the age of 40.

Mammograms allow the radiologist to have a closer look for breast lumps and changes in breast tissue. Mammograms can show small lumps or growths that a doctor or woman may not be able to feel when doing a breast exam.

When reading a mammogram, doctors look for abnormalities, as well as changes from previous mammograms.

Ascension Sacred Heart offers digital mammography with computer-aided detection that provides and electronic "second opinion" of mammograms. The computer-aided detection reads and analyzes the films and marks suspicious areas that may be associated with cancer. This assists the radiologists by targeting areas on a mammogram that may warrant additional evaluation.

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