Ascension St. Vincent's Clay County Hospital Emergency Room

Ascension St. Vincent's Clay County Hospital Emergency Room

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Financial Assistance
If you’re uninsured or have trouble paying for healthcare, Ascension may be able to help through our financial partnerships and resources.

Ascension St. Vincent’s Financial Assistance Program, also known as Health Outreach Patient Eligibility – H.O.P.E Program aims to improve access to medical care for all individuals. We offer assistance with:

  • Florida and Georgia Medicaid application
  • Financial Assistance /HOPE application
  • Financial Counseling and Payment arrangements
  • Finding medical resources
  • Other state and federally funded assistance programs

Care covered by Financial Assistance and Community Served

Please refer to our Charity Care Policy.

Financial Assistance/HOPE Application Checklist

  • To help HOPE application process move along, applicants are encouraged to submit completed, signed and dated applications along with required documents. We cannot process incomplete applications.
  • Uninsured are required to work with a financial counselor to apply for Medicaid or other eligible programs to qualify for financial assistance
  • Approval is subject to the assurance that you will apply for and assign to our facilities any benefits available from insurance, liability insurance (PIP/Bodily Injury), Medicare, Medicaid, or public assistance as a result of our service provided to you. All other funding sources not limited to those listed above and including settlement funds take precedence to financial assistance.
  • Additional information and/or documentation may be required to complete your application. All information is subject to verification.
  • Providing false information may result in a denial of any type of financial assistance.

Please mail or hand deliver your completed application to one of the following locations:

Ascension St. Vincent’s Riverside
HOPE Program
1 Shircliff Way
Jacksonville, FL 32204

Ascension St. Vincent’s Southside
HOPE Program
4201 Belfort Road
Jacksonville, FL 32216

Ascension St. Vincent’s Clay County
HOPE Program
1670 St. Vincent’s Way
Middleburg, FL 32068

Contact information for Ascension St. Vincent’s Riverside, Southside and Clay HOPE Program:

Phone (904) 308-1956
Customer Service Representative will direct you to Financial Counselors
Fax Number (904) 308-5910

Ascension Medical Group (AMG) HOPE Program:

We offer assistance with HOPE application for Ascension Primary and Specialty Groups. If your approval is through AMG , please contact:

AMG Contact Information:

Phone Number: (904) 308-7864
Fax Number: (904) 450-6448


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