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About Us
Our heart and vascular doctors at Ascension Medical Group St. Vincent's Cardiology - Clay deliver care that’s right for you.

Your heart is important

We're here for your heart care needs. Ascension St. Vincent's offers a wide range of diagnostic cardiac imaging and tests. We work with you to help prevent heart attack or stroke, and we help you manage high blood pressure, high cholesterol and irregular heartbeats. We specialize in caring for many heart conditions, including AFib, congestive heart failure, structural heart and valve care, peripheral artery disease, and coronary artery blockages. If you are experiencing chest pain or stroke symptoms, go to the nearest ER and call 9-1-1. Our Ascension St. Vincent's ER doctors and cardiologists work quickly to understand your condition and deliver the care you need.

Don't delay necessary heart care

At Ascension St. Vincent's, we offer many types of tests and minimally invasive procedures to:

  • Help prevent serious heart attack or stroke
  • Detect and open clogged arteries
  • Replace damaged heart valves
  • Return an irregular heartbeat back to a normal rhythm

Our cardiologists connect patients to a network of specialty care, including:

  • Advanced heart failure
  • AFib and heart rhythm disorders (electrophysiology)
  • Cardiothoracic surgery
  • Heart valve and structural heart care
  • Vascular surgery
  • Women and heart disease assessments

Trust your heart care to Ascension St. Vincent's doctors. We listen to get to know you, and then we work with you to create a personalized care plan. We help you learn how to make lifestyle changes to help strengthen your heart muscle and help restore your energy levels. 

Cardiovascular Research

Many of our doctors are also principal investigators in national and regional heart and vascular clinical trials. We are committed to being leaders in cardiovascular research. Our doctors are working to help improve how we diagnose and treat heart and vascular diseases. Talk to your cardiologist to learn more about participating in clinical trials.