Florida great-grandmother credits inpatient rehab team with helping her get back to doing what she loves

Ascension St. Vincent’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit in Jacksonville, FL helped this grandmother regain strength and function in her muscles.

At 84, Molly Jessee thought losing muscle strength and function was normal for aging. But after spending two weeks at Ascension St. Vincent’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit, Molly discovered she could improve her physical conditioning.

Molly didn’t bounce back after an extended hospitalization. When she returned home, she was falling frequently. While doing her laundry, she fell and hit her head on a cabinet. “My legs just gave out,” she said. “Falling was more dangerous than I thought; I had bruises on my legs and a knot on my head.”

Her family suggested she start services at the Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility at Ascension St. Vincent’s Southside, a dedicated unit that provides comprehensive acute rehabilitation to help patients regain function in their body movements and confidence as they heal.

“At my age, I thought this is the body I have at this point. The therapists at the inpatient rehab unit were so supportive and encouraged me the entire time. I could feel my strength returning, getting better each day,” said Molly, who did three hours of therapy daily, five days a week. 

When she was discharged, one of the physical therapists printed out an exercise routine Molly could do at home. “I’ve never been in a facility where the team was so intent on helping you get better.”

Molly said she continues to perform daily exercises that help her be more active and enjoy time with her great-grandchildren. For more information on Ascension St. Vincent’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility, visit https://healthcare.ascension.org/locations/florida/fljac/jacksonville-ascension-st-vincents-southside-inpatient-rehabilitation-unit.