Patient chooses Ascension as preferred provider after receiving emergency care

As a first-time hospital patient, Katie was impressed by the compassionate care she received at Ascension Michigan during an orthopedic emergency.

Katie had gone 40-plus years without breaking a bone. But that record broke along with her tibia and fibula when she slipped on ice in January. Her husband drove her to the nearest emergency room at Ascension Macomb-Oakland Hospital, Warren Campus. She was nervous and in extreme pain, so it meant a lot to her when orthopedic surgeon Sanar Yokhana, MD, held her hand as he explained her condition and that she would need surgery the following day. 

Katie's X-rays

“I’ve never been in a hospital before, but you always hear such negative comments about a doctor's bedside manner,” Katie said. “That was not the case here. Everyone was so kind and gentle and understanding. It was so reassuring.”

That Friday night in the hospital, Katie’s pain grew unbearable. She needed an emergency fasciotomy to relieve pressure. “Again Dr. Yokhana held my hand and prepared me for what was going to happen,” Katie said Despite being in excruciating pain, she felt at ease. “I had full trust in him and the rest of my [care] team.”

The fasciotomy was successful and Katie had her reconstructive surgery on Monday, performed by orthopedic surgeon Benjamin Best, DO, who, according to Katie, exemplified the same level of compassionate care.

Katie appreciated her nurse's exceptional care, too. “I was not just a number to the hospital system,” she said. “One evening, my pain was so bad that she sat with me and held my hand. She used essential oils to help soothe me and just comforted me until the pain subsided. I had nurses waving to me from the hallway that I had met. I was in awe with how hard they worked and how much empathy they had. One of the worst five nights I have ever had in my life, yet I was still so thankful for those that choose the medical field.” 

Because of the personalized care Katie received, she and her husband changed primary care providers to be within the Ascension network. 

“I cannot speak highly enough about my experience,” Katie said. “I hope I never have to go back, but if I do, I will choose this hospital over again. Thank you.” 

Personalized care every step of the way

When you choose Ascension Michigan for orthopedic care, you are connected to highly experienced specialists and surgeons ready to work with you and deliver the care you need, from minimally invasive surgeries that can mean short recovery time to physical therapy

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