Daughter grateful for rehabilitation care team that cared for father as their own

After suffering an incomplete spinal cord injury seven years ago, recurring urinary tract infections have taken a toll on his health.

“When I get a UTI, I get weaker, and I am not able to do things I was able to,” William said.

While receiving treatment for UTI recently, William completed two-and-a-half weeks of inpatient rehabilitation at Ascension St. Vincent’s Southside.

The 22-bed, 15,000-square-foot Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit at Ascension St. Vincent’s Southside provides patients with comprehensive acute rehabilitation services that help them regain lost function and confidence as they heal. The care team provided William with intensive, comprehensive rehabilitation five days per week in conjunction with other acute hospital services he required.

Rehabilitation physicians, nurses, case managers, and physical, occupational and speech therapists worked closely with William to meet his individualized goals and establish the highest level of functional independence before he returned home.

William said he can now “move my arms better, reach my hands up to hold a cup, and stand on a standing device for longer periods. My body has recovered a lot; I feel stronger.”

As Williams’ caregiver, his daughter Chelsea said she had peace of mind knowing he was receiving attentive care.

“If he used the call button, someone was there in 30 seconds or less to address his needs,” she said. “It gave me comfort that someone was there if he needed it. They cared for my father as if he were their family member.”

For more information on Ascension St. Vincent’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit, visit https://healthcare.ascension.org/locations/florida/fljac/jacksonville-ascension-st-vincents-southside-inpatient-rehabilitation-unit.