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Regaining quality of life through physical therapy

Through Ascension Michigan’s compassionate and personalized physical therapy, Lori regained her quality of life.

Before Lori went to physical therapy, her life was limited. “I was miserable. Day to day tasks were difficult. No stairs, walking was difficult and sitting was painful,” said Lori, “My pain level was an 8 out of 10.”

 Then Lori’s primary care doctor recommended physical therapy at Ascension St. John Physical Therapy, Harrison Township where she worked with Karen, her physical therapist.

 “From the moment I was greeted to the time I left, the service provided was beyond my expectations,” said Lori. “The staff was phenomenal. They treated me more like a friend. Karen really stood out every step of the way. Her compassion for me as well as her work was extremely welcoming.” 

 Karen’s compassion stems from the reason she became a physical therapist. 

 “When I needed PT as a young adult, my therapists were a lifeline who really shaped my outlook. When I felt like I had no one, they picked me up. They helped me do things I thought I couldn’t. I want to empower my patients in the same way.” 

 Karen worked with Lori for three weeks, focusing on her lower back. Then, they spent approximately six weeks focusing on Lori’s hip. 

 “I want my patients to know that physical therapy is a collaborative process,” said Karen. By listening to each patient’s needs and preferences, Ascension Michigan physical therapists craft tailored rehabilitation plans that help their patients reach their goals. 

 “It’s truly amazing the difference physical therapy has made,” said Lori. “I am stronger and have more balance than I ever had prior to my physical therapy. I’m able to function normally without serious pain.”

 “My favorite part of my job is seeing patients hit that point where they start to experience less pain,” said Karen, “and can see that they are on their way to achieving their overall goals.”

 Lori keeps up with her daily exercises and advocates for those in pain to seek medical attention right away instead of putting it off. Karen offers the same advice. “Physical therapy is a crucial form of self care. Make time for therapy so we can address your pain sooner rather than later.”

 Taking it a step further, Lori believes, “...anyone who is in need of physical therapy should schedule it at Ascension. You won’t regret it.”

 If you are in pain or lack mobility, ask your primary care provider if physical therapy is right for you. Need a primary care provider? Visit to find one near you.

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