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Men Who Have Bariatric Surgery

Does obesity affect men differently than women? This patient story describes how bariatric surgery changed one man’s life.

When the guy is overweight he is the “big guy,” but men suffer from self-esteem and the same health concerns as women. Overweight men may be experiencing the social perception of being the bigger, stronger guy -- the one you ask to help move heavy furniture. Yet too big and he’s the physically inactive guy and you wouldn’t want him to hurt himself. There are also gender differences in eating habits. A study reported by the Foodborne Disease Active Surveillance Network (FoodNet) found that men tend to eat more meat and poultry, and women are more likely to eat more fruits and vegetables. Another study from Cornell University (JPB. 2005) finds men more often use comfort food to celebrate; whereas, women use comfort food to cope with a negative experience.

When having a surgical weight loss procedure, men and women generally follow the same type of recovery process. Yet every patient experience is different. What motivates a man may be different from the determination of a woman to follow the post-surgery diet and exercise plan. The doctors and team at the Sacred Heart Surgical Weight Loss Center in Pensacola, Florida, agree that both sexes need a good support system. That is why beyond the medical expertise of the bariatric surgeon, weight management specialists guide patients sharing dietary, emotional, and physical activity guidelines.  

Patrick’s Story


Patrick had gastric sleeve surgery in June 2016. By August 2017, he had lost 129 pounds and was down from size 48” to 34” pants and 4X shirts to size M.

Patrick works in maintenance. Before surgery, he would get very winded and could only do things for a few minutes. Now, he feels like he has no limitations! He says his whole outlook on life has changed, that he’s more outgoing, and walks taller and prouder.

During his weight-loss journey, Patrick participated in an online support group, where he met his future wife from the England. Soon she is moving to Pensacola from the UK.

The Sacred Heart Weight Loss Center in Pensacola, Florida specializes in treating obesity, especially those chronic health conditions. The doctors have extensive surgical expertise with many types of bariatric procedures, including gastric bypass, gastric sleeve and revisional procedures. By creating an individualized plan for both before and after your weight loss surgery, our patients experience successful, sustainable weight loss and can begin again to live their life to the fullest. To learn more, call 850-416-7546 and visit the Sacred Heart Surgical Weight Loss Center

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