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Hip Replacement Patient Testimonial: Rose

For years, Rose B. couldn’t walk without excruciating pain, and even sitting comfortably was a struggle.
Her life changed dramatically when she went into surgery for an anterior hip replacement with orthopedic surgeon Dr. Martin Jenter.

Shortly after her surgery, she was up and walking around pain free. Within a month of surgery Rose was back to doing the things she had once found great pleasure in doing. A year later, we caught up with Rose, and she continues to safely and comfortably walk, bend, stretch and sit!

Now, Rose recommends Dr. Jenter to everyone she knows! She especially appreciates his ability to make patients feel comfortable enough to ask questions, his willingness to explain things fully, and his warmth and understanding.

These days, Rose is able to spend more quality time with her family (including her four –year-old-grandchild), and enjoy gardening, horseback riding, and other outdoor activities.

Choosing an anterior hip replacement has many benefits which include: a fast recovery with less pain, less muscle damage, better range of movement and a decreased risk of hip dislocation.