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Lung and Esophageal Cancers

Ascension brings together talented thoracic specialists, advanced treatments and compassionate care to treat patients with lung or esophageal cancers.

About Lung and Esophageal Cancers

Taking a deep breath is not only relaxing, it’s beneficial to your heart, brain, digestion and immune system. Most of us take it for granted, but those suffering from lung and esophageal cancers have to fight for every breath.

Ascension's multidisciplinary approach to cancer care ensures that every patient receives a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan. Delivering the most effective treatment options — including innovative technologies and therapies — and improving ongoing quality of life are our top priorities.

Although lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S., it is highly treatable when detected early. Every case is different, but treatment options may include radiation, chemotherapy, targeted therapy or surgery. Our expert team of board-certified thoracic specialists, surgeons and nurses work closely together to give you the personalized care and support you deserve.


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