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Watch an online weight-loss seminar in Kalamazoo

Find out if bariatric surgery is the right option for you. Start by watching a free online seminar from Ascension Michigan in Kalamazoo.
Weight-loss surgery is personal, so is the way we care for you. At Ascension Michigan in Kalamazoo, our weight-loss care team guides and supports you through every step of your journey. The road to a healthier, happier you can begin with watching a weight-loss seminar.

If you have a busy schedule, or getting to a seminar is difficult, watching a seminar online may be more convenient and comfortable. During the seminar, you’ll learn about each step of the weight-loss process, what to expect, how to modify your lifestyle, motivational tips and success stories from people who have been through our weight-loss programs.

After you watch the seminar, please fill out the form below. A care team member will reach out to you to talk about the next steps on your weight-loss journey.

Life before surgery

Patients of Ascension Borgess Hospital Bariatric Center explain what life was like before having weight-loss surgery.

What is obesity

Dr. Verseman describes how obesity is a disease and the health conditions that are related to obesity.

What is medical weight management?

Dr. DeCarli discusses the Ascension Borgess Medical Weight Management Program and the tools used to help treat obesity as a chronic disease.

Weight-loss surgery options

Dr. Elian talks about the different types of weight-loss surgery.

Why choose Ascension Borgess?

Patients of Ascension Borgess Hospital Bariatric Center explain why they chose Ascension Borgess for their weight-loss surgery.

What surgery is right for you?

Dr. Verseman explains the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of surgeries.

How to prepare for surgery

Dr. Verseman shares how you can prepare for your weight-loss surgery.

Lifestyle changes after surgery

Patients of Ascension Borgess Hospital Bariatric Center explain how their lifestyles have changed since having bariatric surgery.

Diet and nutrition

Our dietitian talks about how your diet plays an important role in the success of your surgery.

Taking the next step

Our patient navigator explains the weight-loss surgery process.

Life after surgery

Bariatric surgery patients explain how their lives have changed for the better after bariatric surgery.

Online Weight Loss Seminar Completion Form

Our program requires that all videos are viewed and a bariatric online seminar completion form is submitted. Once you have watched all videos in full please fill out the completion form and submit. Once we have received your completion form, we will reach out to you and help you take the next steps in your journey to a healthier you!