Radiologist taking an X-ray of a child's leg

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Ascension's expert radiology team provides diagnostic imaging services, from X-rays to MRI scans, to help guide the best treatment for you.

Precisely identifying your illness is essential for finding the best treatment and care. Ascension's radiology specialists use diagnostic imaging to get the most accurate picture of your health condition, from broken bones to cancer to heart disease.

Our radiologists use advanced imaging equipment to capture still and moving images of your body, and use them to guide your diagnosis and treatment. For example, radiography uses X-rays to capture still images, while ultrasounds use sound waves to show a real-time, internal view; and nuclear medicine sends radioactive isotopes through your body so doctors can detect abnormalities through their distribution and concentration.

Our radiology professionals take the time to answer your questions and ensure your comfort before, during and after your procedure. Getting the most complete picture of your health helps the Ascension team provide the right treatment and care plan for your needs.

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