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Young man with back pain talking to an orthopedic surgeon about spine care at Ascension sites of care.

Start living with less joint and back pain in Northwest Florida

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Whether you need hip or knee replacement or back surgery, our highly experienced surgeons are ready to deliver the care you need. When you choose Performance Orthopedics and Spine Care for your care, you have access to the latest technology, including robotic surgery. Our goal is to deliver personalized care to get you back to doing the things you love.

Get back to life after surgery

Joint or back pain can keep you from the simple things in life, such as climbing the stairs, walking outdoors on a beautiful day, or spending time with family and friends. Keeping up with daily tasks can be difficult when you have joint pain. If your joint or back pain is affecting your daily life, it may be time to think about orthopedic or spine surgery.

Does your joint or back pain:

  • Keep you awake at night?
  • Cause you to limp when you walk?
  • Make you feel stiff and swollen?
  • Cause you to fall? How often?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, talk with a specialist at Performance Orthopedics about what treatment is right for you. 

Find a specialist or get a second opinion

Whether you're dealing with joint pain or back pain or you're considering surgery, there's a lot to think about. We can help match you with the right orthopedic doctor or spine surgeon in Jacksonville or Northwest Florida. If you're looking for a second opinion, specialists with Performance Orthopedics and Spine are here for you. Before your appointment, you should check with your insurance company to find out if a second opinion is covered or required. Our team can request your medical records from your doctor on your behalf, so that they can be shared with your care team before your arrival.


Advanced care for orthopedic injuries and arthritis

Your care team helps you understand the cause of your pain. Whether you're seeking pain relief from an injury, arthritis or degenerative joint or disc disease, we start by listening to understand you and your health. Then, we deliver care that's right for you. Orthopedic spine surgeons specialize in outpatient joint replacement surgery and minimally invasive orthopedic procedures, such as:

  • ACL and MCL repair
  • Partial knee replacement
  • Total knee replacement
  • Revision surgery for hip replacement
  • Total hip replacement

Spine surgeons deliver advanced surgical treatments for disorders, including:

  • Herniated disc that affects how your spine functions
  • Neck and back conditions that cause nerve damage
  • Scoliosis, abnormal curve of the spine
  • Spinal stenosis, narrowing of spinal canal
  • Spine tumors

We start by diagnosing the cause of your pain. When possible, we provide conservative therapies to safely manage your pain, reduce inflammation and increase muscle strength and flexibility.

When surgery is needed, our highly experienced surgeons are ready to deliver the care you need. With Performance Orthopedics and Spine in Pensacola, you'll find a different kind of relationship between you and your care team. It starts with getting to know you and your health. Whether your need is simple or complex, our team of orthopedic and spine specialists are here with you every step of the way. Because when it comes to your health, it's more than caring. It's our calling.

24/7 emergency care for joint and back injuries

ER care teams at Ascension sites of care provide emergency care for hip dislocation, knee and shoulder injuries, bone fractures, spine injuries and back pain. From the ER, we can quickly connect you to an orthopedic spine specialist. If you experience a life-threatening emergency, go directly to the ER or call 911.

Vincent's story

The orthopedic care team at Ascension St. Vincent's had Vincent home and walking within 26 hours after his hip replacement.


Frequently asked questions

  • What conditions or injuries does an orthopedic doctor treat?

    When your bones, muscles and joints hurt, even the smallest movements can feel difficult. Our orthopedic specialists treat a variety of orthopedic conditions and injuries so you can get back to living your life with less pain. We provide nonsurgical and surgical treatments for many conditions, such as:

    • Ankle and foot injuries
    • Back muscle strain
    • Bone fracture
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrist
    • Hand injuries
    • Hip fracture or dislocation
    • Knee, hip and shoulder arthritis
    • Knee swelling, injury
    • Muscle strain or weakness
    • Rotator cuff tear or shoulder dislocation
    • Tennis elbow
  • Who is a candidate for outpatient joint replacement surgery? 

    Our joint replacement programs are recognized for high-quality care. During your pre-operative evaluation, your doctor will explain if you are a candidate for outpatient surgery.

    Doctors and orthopedic care teams work together to deliver high-quality care before, during and after surgery. If you need inpatient care, we provide services that help you transition to home care.

  • What are the reasons for joint and back pain? 
    Age, arthritis and injury are all possible reasons for joint and back pain. Our specialists and care teams take the time to listen and understand you and your pain. From there, they work with you on a personalized treatment plan that's right for you.
  • Is joint replacement covered by Medicare? 
    If you have Medicare coverage, outpatient hip or knee replacement surgery may be an option under certain conditions. In a majority of cases, joint replacement surgery and related treatments are covered under different parts of Medicare (Part A and B). First, you need to be evaluated by an orthopedic surgeon. Our doctors and care teams focus on the needs of older adults and provide treatment options for degenerative joint disease.
  • What services are available for spine injuries? 
    Our spine surgeons address more than your back injury. We provide care for the whole person. With personalized rehabilitation, our care team helps you manage your pain throughout your recovery.
  • How are sports injuries treated? 
    Sports and exercise are activities you enjoy, until pain holds you back. Sports medicine orthopedic doctors treat competitive athletes and active youth and adults of all ages who enjoy exercise and recreational activities. Our sports medicine care teams provide primary care for many conditions, including sports-related concussions, sprains and strains, overuse injuries, overtraining and nutrition imbalances. Based on your specific needs, we provide a personalized care plan to help you safely recover from injury or illness and return to your chosen activity. We're here to help you prevent injuries, support your fitness goals and improve your wellness.