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Outpatient hip replacement in Central Texas

Talk with an orthopedic surgeon at Ascension Texas about outpatient hip replacement surgery, also called rapid-recovery hip replacement.

If hip pain from arthritis or an injury is making simple tasks, such as walking, seem difficult, the Ascension Texas orthopedic care team is here for you. We can connect you with a hip specialist in the Central Texas area. We listen to understand you and your health concerns. Then, we create a personalized care plan that’s right for you. Treatment options may include:

  • Arthroscopy joint procedures
  • Anterior hip replacement
  • Hip IT band bursitis and joint injection
  • Hip labral tear repair
  • Hip revision surgery
  • Posterior total hip replacement

Offering outpatient hip replacement surgery

Having hip replacement surgery doesn’t have to mean having to spend days in the hospital. Surgeons at Ascension Texas offer outpatient total hip replacement. During your pre-operative evaluation, your doctor will explain if you are a candidate for outpatient surgery. Doctors and orthopedic care teams work together to deliver high-quality care before, during and after surgery.

Advanced surgical techniques

Robotic-arm assisted surgery systems allow for a personalized, 3D surgical plan. It is often used for greater accuracy in total knee and hip replacements. It allows for better implant alignment and positioning. Total knee and hip replacements help relieve pain caused by arthritis, joint degeneration and osteoarthritis.

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Supporting your hip replacement recovery

Your orthopedic care team explains what to expect during surgery and throughout your recovery. Together, we discuss:

  • How to use a walker or crutches
  • Managing pain, swelling and joint stiffness
  • Nutrition before and after surgery
  • Rehabilitation services with physical therapy and occupational therapy
  • Wound healing instructions

Our outpatient surgery recovery team prepares you for home care. We’re here to support you during your recovery. If you need inpatient care, we have an orthopedic inpatient unit with skilled nursing and specialized rehabilitation services.

Connected to rehabilitation care at Ascension Texas

As part of our hip replacement program, physical therapists and occupational therapists at Ascension rehabilitation sites of care provide orthopedic rehabilitation. After your hip surgery, our care team starts physical therapy as part of your recovery plan. Your nurses and therapists work with you to help strengthen your muscles. We provide extended care options from home health care and inpatient rehabilitation units to skilled nursing facilities. Throughout your recovery, your outpatient physical therapy clinics are here to help you manage your pain and increase your strength and flexibility.

Orthopedic services, now closer to home

If you are looking for an orthopedic surgeon in the Central Texas area or seeking a second opinion, we're here to help. We provide a range of orthopedic care - from non-surgical treatments such as physical therapy and joint injections to minimally invasive arthroscopy, hip and knee replacement and spine surgery. At Ascension Texas, we connect you with an orthopedic hip doctor that's right for you.

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