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Get advanced care for you and your baby

OB-GYNs and maternal-fetal medicine specialists at Ascension sites of care deliver personalized care for expecting moms having a high-risk pregnancy.

Hearing that your pregnancy is high-risk can be overwhelming. But you’re not alone. OB-GYNs and maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) specialists at Ascension sites of care are here for you. We’re ready to provide advanced care for you and your baby, if you need it.

If you’re a mom-to-be who is over 35, is expecting multiple births or has a pre-existing health condition, your pregnancy may be considered high-risk. Advanced obstetric care teams at Ascension sites of care closely monitor you and your baby throughout your pregnancy. And, we provide care to help keep you and your baby healthy.

Personalized MFM care for mom and baby

Care starts when your OB-GYN identifies a health concern with you or your baby during your pregnancy. If your pregnancy is considered high-risk, we bring together advanced care specialists, including:

    Obstetric specialists Maternal-fetal medicine doctors Neonatologists Pediatric specialists Genetic counselors

Our care teams are experienced in managing a range of complex conditions. We listen to your concerns. By knowing you well, we create a personalized care plan focused on you and your baby’s specific needs.

Maternal-fetal medicine specialists

Maternal-fetal medicine specialists are OB-GYNs who have advanced training in managing high-risk pregnancies. They focus on both moms and babies, and may offer genetic tests and counseling.

You may need to see a MFM doctor during your pregnancy if:

    You have certain health conditions, such as diabetes or kidney disease. You develop a health condition during pregnancy, such as high blood pressure (preeclampsia) or diabetes (gestational diabetes). You have a history of pregnancy loss or preterm birth. You are pregnant with more than one baby. Your baby has been diagnosed with a genetic condition.

Our specially trained doctors partner with you and your OB care team throughout your pregnancy. Your multispecialty care team is here to help manage your health and the health of your baby. At Ascension sites of care, maternal-fetal medicine specialists help improve how we deliver care during high-risk labor delivery and then the follow-up care for mother and baby.

Choose Ascension for High-Risk Pregnancy Care