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Genetic specialists at Ascension sites of care customize your genetic tests and counseling for your cancer care needs.

Cancer care with personalized genetic testing

Cancer care at Ascension sites of care includes cancer genetic testing and counseling to support your cancer care plan.

Specialists at Ascension Cancer Care can connect you and your family to the latest genetic tests and genetic counseling. Our genetic counselors can explain the risks of hereditary cancer and if others in your family could be at risk for cancer. Knowing this information can help guide decisions about a cancer diagnosis and treatment, and other options:

  • Genetic testing for family members
  • Increased health screenings
  • Medications to lower cancer risk
  • Preventive health strategies

Our experienced oncologists and genetic counselors are part of a national team, sharing best practices and the latest in genomic medicine – bringing the best of cancer care to you. We will connect you with a genetic counselor who will evaluate your family health history.  These types of consultations can take place either in person or through a virtual visit (telehealth).

Genetic testing and biomarker tests in cancer care

Some cancers can run in families. If you have family members who have previously been diagnosed with cancer, talk to your doctor about genetic testing and health screenings. And during cancer treatment, oncologists at Ascension sites of care provide advanced cancer care, including comprehensive genetic testing, genetic counseling, and biomarker tests that look for genes, proteins and other substances called biomarkers in the tumor. Biomarker tests are ordered by your doctor (not a genetic counselor). 

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Financial assistance and support is available

We can connect you with resources and programs that may be able to help you and your family with options for financial assistance. Our financial counseling team is here to listen to your concerns and work with you to help find options that meet your needs.

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