Ascension Indiana St. Vincent Trauma Center provides drive now text later programs.

Take the pledge to drive safe in Indiana

Trauma care teams at Ascension St. Vincent in Indiana provide driving safety and education for teenagers and adults.

Ascension St. Vincent is committed to supporting your health, on and off the road. Drive Now // Text Later is a national campaign to help raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving. The campaign is part of a statewide effort that includes the passing of the Hands-free Indiana law. The law prohibits Indiana drivers from using a mobile device while operating a vehicle.

Driving while distracted on the road

Distracted driving can lead to an increased risk of accidents, serious injury or worse. Teenagers are especially vulnerable because of their inexperience with driving and frequent use of mobile devices. In a national study, 40-49% of high school students aged 14 and older have driven distracted in the last 30 days.

Distracted drivers are two to nine times more likely to have an accident. This is why the Drive Now // Text Later program was created. Our goal is to educate and encourage driver safety among young people. With your help, we hope to promote awareness of the dangers of distracted driving and encourage safe driving practices.

Take the pledge to drive safe

Join your friends, neighbors, and other responsible drivers by taking the pledge to not text and drive. By signing this pledge, you’re showing that you understand the responsibilities that come with driving. You also recognize the dangers of distracted driving and want to protect the lives of your passengers, pedestrians and other drivers. No text is worth your life, or the lives of those around you.


Request a speaker

Care team members at the Trauma Center are active speakers and educators at local high schools. We engage with the community through EMS-sponsored programs and provide CME (continuing medical education) and CEU (continuing education units) for medical education and training. You can request a speaker to schedule a class for your school or group.