Early Diagnosis and Treatment for Lung Cancer

Our lung specialists at Ascension Providence in Waco, Texas, perform minimally invasive lung nodule biopsies using robotic-assisted bronchoscopy.

Ion Robot-Assisted Procedure

We offer a less invasive, high-tech technique to biopsy lung tissue for lung cancer or other diseases. When a lung nodule changes size or shape, our Ion Endoluminal System from Intuitive helps improve accuracy and precision during a peripheral lung biopsy procedure.

New robotic-assisted technology

Lung nodules are common and appear as white shadows on a chest X-ray or lung CT scan. With the Ion robotic-assisted bronchoscope, our doctor can extract a tissue sample as small as 1 centimeter. Our new technology helps improve the early detection of lung cancer and access hard-to-reach nodules in the lung. Your doctor creates a 3D image-guided roadmap of the airways and to the nodule. Using the robotic-assisted technology, the thoracic surgeon guides a catheter and Ion’s vision probe to deliver a real-time view of the airways while navigating to the target. A flexible biopsy tool extracts a tissue sample so it can be evaluated by the pathologist for cancer cells and staging. The Ion System has built-in flexibility to adjust as the patient breathes. These features help minimize complications.

Compared to CT-guided lung biopsy, the Ion Bronchoscopy System is faster, less invasive and patients report fewer side effects.

Robotic-assisted bronchoscopy is one of many tools used by our dedicated, lung cancer specialists at Ascension Providence. Our pulmonary medicine doctors, thoracic surgeons, radiation oncologists, radiologists, nurse navigators and rehabilitation therapists meet biweekly in the Lung Cancer Tumor Conference to confer and update each patient’s care plan. We follow nationally established guidelines for lung cancer staging and deliver innovative treatments with advanced care options.