To download an Ascension hospital's machine-readable pricing file, please click on the name of the applicable hospital below. Patients are encouraged to use Ascension's easy-to-use price estimator, available at, to obtain pricing information for commonly purchased healthcare services. If a service is not offered at your Ascension hospital of choice, please select another nearby Ascension hospital. If Ascension's price estimator does not provide pricing information for the care you need, the information may be available in the machine-readable pricing files below, or you may contact a customer service representative at 833-999-1089.

In using Ascension’s pricing files available below, you need to be aware of certain important information, so please read the below information carefully.

  • Legal Notice
    File Description

    Each Ascension hospital's machine-readable pricing file contains a Legal Notice worksheet (or tab) and a Standard Charges worksheet. The Legal Notice worksheet contains important notices and legal information, so please review it carefully. The Standard Charges worksheet displays the hospital's gross charges, discounted cash prices, payer negotiated rates, and minimum and maximum payer negotiated rates. The hospital may have payer negotiated rates for services or service package s that are not included in the hospital's chargemaster. If the hospital's chargemaster does not include a service or service package, the applicable gross charge and cash charge cells will indicate "N/A." If a payer does not have a negotiated rate for the applicable service, the applicable cell will indicate “N/A.”

    Financial Assistance

    From payment options and guidelines to insurance programs and financial aid, Ascension is here to assist you. If you do not have health insurance or are unable to pay your balance in full at time of service or discharge, you may be eligible for our financial assistance program. Upon your request, Ascension will help determine whether you qualify for financial assistance – a service provided to you at no cost. Please visit Financial Assistance. You may download the financial assistance form and bring with you when you meet with a counselor. Assistance is provided based on income and household size. Ascension provides healthcare services without regard to race, creed, color, sex, age, national origin or disability.

    Pricing Does Not Reflect Your Actual Costs

    This pricing file is a snapshot of the Ascension hospital’s pricing and is not a contract or guarantee of the actual costs for the services that may be provided to you. The pricing in this pricing file reflects the hospital’s standard pricing, and your final charges and out-of-pocket costs may be greater than the amount in this pricing file. The pricing in this pricing file is based on the healthcare services, hospital location, and health plan you select. A hospital visit or encounter might include multiple items or services and might vary from patient-to-patient for the same primary service depending on any complications, length of stay, or service provided due to the patient's health status. Your actual costs may vary depending upon the hospital location, the actual services provided, variation in complexity, and timing of other outstanding payments affecting your deductible or out-of-pocket costs. You are encouraged to consult with your insurance provider to confirm your payment responsibilities, deductibles, and other details of your insurance. In addition, you may incur other charges from physicians and other providers separate from the hospital charges for the services identified in this pricing file. The other charges could include pathology, radiology, anesthesia, emergency care, and other physician or surgeon charges. Physician-related charges are billed directly by your physician, and other third-party charges (charges for services by providers other than the hospital and your physician) are billed directly by the third-party provider.

    Prices Subject to Change

    The prices in the pricing files are subject to change at any time without notice.

    Subject to Medical Necessity

    Nothing in the pricing file means the selected services are medically necessary or appropriate. Ascension may refuse to provide any services that are not medically necessary or appropriate or violate our Ethical and Religious Directives.

    Prior Authorizations; Personal Financial Obligation

    Ascension has not obtained any prior authorization or referral that may be required by your health insurance plan for any services identified in the pricing files, and Ascension has not contacted your health insurance provider to confirm the costs that will be covered by your insurance plan. You are responsible for

    • getting any prior authorizations and referrals that your health insurance plan requires;
    • contacting your health insurance plan to confirm the costs that will be covered by insurance and any costs for which you will be personally responsible for paying;
    • any personal financial obligation for all charges for services performed by Ascension and any other provider whose services are related to or associated with those services; and
    • promptly paying any costs not covered by your insurance company.

    Definitions and Additional Information
    If you have insurance coverage, your financial responsibility will be determined by the contract between the hospital and your insurance company, and the specific coinsurance, copay, and deductible obligations you have under your insurance policy. Below are brief descriptions of some of the key terms used in the pricing files.

    1. “Gross Charge” is the charge for an individual item or service that is reflected on the hospital's chargemaster, absent any discounts.
    2. “Discounted Cash Price” is the charge that applies to an individual who pays cash (or cash equivalent) for a hospital item or service.
    3. “Insurance Plan Rate” is the rate the hospital has negotiated with the applicable health insurance plan.
    4. “De-Identified Maximum Negotiated Charge” is the highest charge that a hospital has negotiated with all insurance providers for an item or service.
    5. “De-Identified Minimum Negotiated Charge” is the lowest charge that a hospital has negotiated with all insurance providers for an item or service.

    Compliance with Price Transparency Rules
    All hospitals in the U.S. are required by law to publish their standard charges in both a machine-readable file and in a consumer-friendly manner. This machine-readable price transparency file is intended to comply with the CMS price transparency rules at 45 C.F.R. § 180.50.

    Other Terms
    Ascension’s Terms of Use apply to Ascension’s machine-readable pricing files and your use thereof, except to the extent prohibited by law. As noted in the Terms of Use, you may have a registered account with Ascension, but such an account is not required for you to use Ascension’s machine-readable pricing files, nor are you required to provide any personally identifiable information in order to use the pricing files.

This is the hospital’s machine-readable pricing file. Patients are encouraged to use Ascension's easy-to-use price estimator, available at, to obtain pricing information for commonly purchased healthcare services. If a service is not offered at your Ascension hospital of choice, please select another nearby Ascension hospital. If Ascension's price estimator does not provide pricing information for the care you need, the information may be available in this machine-readable pricing file, or you may contact a customer service representative at 833-999-1089.

Machine Readable Files

Saint Vincent's East
Saint Vincent's Blount
Saint Vincent's Birmingham
Saint Vincent's Chilton
Saint Vincent's Saint Clair
Ascension Providence

Ascension St. Vincent's Riverside
Ascension St. Vincent's Southside
Ascension St. Vincent's Clay County
Ascension St. Vincent's St. Johns County
Ascension Sacred Heart Pensacola
Ascension Sacred Heart Emerald Coast
Ascension Sacred Heart Gulf
Ascension Sacred Heart Bay

Alexian Brothers Medical Center (includes Alexian Brothers Rehab Hospital)
St. Alexius Medical Center (incl. Women's & Children's Hospitals)
Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Hospital
Presence Holy Family Medical Center
Presence Resurrection Medical Center
Presence St Joseph Hospital - Chicago
Presence St Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center
Presence Mercy Medical Center - Aurora
Presence St Francis Hospital - Evanston
Presence St Joseph Hospital - Elgin
Presence St Joseph Medical Center - Joliet
Presence St Mary's Hospital - Kankakee

Ascension St. Vincent Kokomo 
Ascension St. Vincent Hospital
Ascension St. Vincent Women's Hospital
Ascension St. Vincent Anderson
Ascension St. Vincent Evansville
Ascension St. Vincent Heart Center
Ascension St. Vincent Carmel
Ascension St. Vincent Fishers
Ascension St. Vincent Randolph
Ascension St. Vincent Jennings
Ascension St. Vincent Williamsport
Ascension St. Vincent Mercy
Ascension St. Vincent Clay
Ascension St. Vincent Salem
Ascension St. Vincent Warrick
Ascension St. Vincent Dunn
Ascension St. Vincent Seton Specialty Hospital
Ascension St. Vincent Naab Road Surgery Center
Ascension St. Vincent Carmel Ambulatory Surgery Center
Ascension St. Vincent Endoscopy Center
Ascension Medical Group St. Vincent Urgent Care

Ascension Via Christi Hospital Manhattan
Ascension Via Christi Hospital Pittsburg
Ascension Via Christi St. Francis
Ascension Via Christi St. Joseph 
Ascension Via Christi St. Teresa
Wamego Health Center
Ascension Via Christi Rehabilitation Hospital

Saint Agnes Hospital

Ascension Providence Hospital Southfield Campus
Ascension Providence Hospital Novi Campus
Ascension St. John Hospital
Ascension Macomb-Oakland Hospital Warren Campus
Ascension Macomb-Oakland Hospital Madison Heights Campus
Ascension River District Hospital
Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery
Ascension Genesys Hospital
Ascension Borgess Hospital and Ascension Borgess-Pipp Hospital
Ascension Borgess Allegan Hospital
Ascension Borgess-Lee Hospital
Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital
Ascension St. Mary's Hospital
Ascension St. Joseph Hospital
Ascension Standish Hospital

New York
Our Lady of Lourdes Memorial Hospital

Ascension St. John Jane Phillips
Ascension St. John Medical Center
Ascension St. John Owasso
Ascension St. John Broken Arrow
Ascension St. John Nowata
Ascension St. John Sapulpa
St. John Urgent Care Clinics, Inc., d/b/a Ascension St. John Urgent Care
St. John Anesthesia Services, Inc.
Omni Medical Group, Inc.
St. John Physicians, Inc.

Ascension Saint Thomas Rutherford
Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital West
Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital Midtown
Ascension Saint Thomas Hickman
Ascension Saint Thomas Dekalb
Ascension Saint Thomas Highlands
Ascension Saint Thomas River Park
Ascension Saint Thomas Stones River
Ascension Saint Thomas Three Rivers

Ascension Seton Medical Center Austin
Dell Seton Medical Center at the University of Texas
Ascension Seton Smithville
Ascension Seton Southwest
Ascension Seton Northwest
Ascension Seton Highland Lakes
Ascension Seton Edgar B Davis
Dell Children's Medical Center
Dell Children's Medical Center North
Ascension Seton Shoal Creek (IP Psych)
Ascension Seton Williamson
Ascension Seton Bastrop
Ascension Seton Hays
Ascension Providence  
Ascension Providence DePaul (Distinct Part Unit)

Ascension NE Wisconsin - St. Elizabeth Campus
Ascension NE Wisconsin - Mercy Campus
Ascension Calumet Hospital
Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Hospital
Ascension SE Wisconsin Hospital - Elmbrook Campus
Ascension SE Wisconsin Hospital - St. Joseph Campus
Ascension All Saints Hospital Wisconsin Avenue Campus
Ascension SE Wisconsin Hospital - Franklin Campus
Ascension St. Francis Hospital
Ascension Columbia St. Mary's Hospital Ozaukee
Ascension Columbia St. Mary's Hospital Milwaukee (incl Columbia St. Mary's Women's Hosp.)
Ascension Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Hospital
Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin