One Call Transfer Center | Ascension

Call 850-416-7090

With one call, our transfer center quickly connects referring physicians directly with the accepting physician and bed placement.

Our state-of-the-art One Call Transfer Center is available by phone 24/7 to provide a seamless, coordinated transfer process and a centralized point of access for inter-facilities transfers to Ascension Sacred Heart Bay. With just one phone call, you can transfer your emergent* patient to Ascension Sacred Heart Bay with fewer delays.

* The One Call number is for inter-facility transfer to an Ascension Sacred Heart Bay Emergency Department (ED) or hospital. Patients will be evaluated to ensure they meet admission criteria. We can help you determine appropriate transfers.

How to inter-facility transfer a patient 

After placing your phone call, our experienced transfer coordinator will handle the complete transfer process, including:

  • Consulting with the accepting physician
  • Arranging for a patient bed
  • Take admitting orders
  • Communicating with nursing report to receiving RN
  • All other transfer needs

If there is a delay, we will keep you informed every step of the way.

Please be ready to provide the following information when calling:

  • Your name
  • Referring physician and hospital
  • Your phone number
  • Service needed
  • Patient name
  • Basic patient condition