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Helping you rebuild peace of mind and spirit

Ascension St. Vincent Stress Center in Indianapolis, IN, provides mental health services through adult and youth services programs.

At Ascension St. Vincent Stress Center, we deliver personalized behavioral and mental health treatment to youth, adults and seniors.

Stress Centers and Mental Health

Help is a phone call away. Our Stress Centers are open 24-7:

  • Indianapolis, 317-338-4800
  • Toll-free Indiana, 800-872-2210

At Ascension St. Vincent Stress Centers and behavioral health clinics throughout Indiana, we deliver a wide range of mental health services with compassionate care. Our care team listens to understand your concerns, so together we deliver the care that is right for you. Our team approach focuses on healing mind, body and spirit. Our care teams are here when you feel overwhelming stress or have medical problems that affect emotional health.

Our counselors help you and your family with our educational team approach by addressing harmful behaviors and addictions.

Coping programs

We understand clinical depression and anxiety disorders can have a tremendous effect on personal and professional relationships. We help people find the right approach that will help them cope.

Specialty programs are available for:

  • Youth with behavioral health concerns
  • Women experiencing perinatal mood and anxiety disorders
  • Seniors coping with aging and depression
  • Adults struggling with chronic pain, complex health conditions, and depression
  • Drug and alcohol dependency programs

Our care team provides dedicated programs for the treatment of drug and alcohol dependency and abuse. We provide a modern treatment approach to improve the experience of addiction recovery and support long-term success.

Referrals and how to get an appointment

If you are experiencing a mental health emergency go to the nearest ER and call 911.

We care for the whole person because we believe it’s as important to care for your mind and spirit as it is to care for your body. If you or someone you love is struggling with behavioral or mental health issues, remember you are not alone. Ascension behavioral and mental specialists are here to help.

To get started, you either need a new patient assessment (to be completed by an Ascension St. Vincent staff member) or an internal referral from another Stress Center program. At your assessment, our patient account representative will discuss your healthcare coverage and specific financial arrangements. We generally accept most health insurance coverage plans. Contact the member services phone number listed on your insurance card to verify mental health benefits.

Help is a phone call away. Our Stress Centers are open 24-7:

  • Indianapolis, 317-338-4800
  • Toll-free Indiana, 800-872-2210