Health Education

2023-2024 Virtual Childbirth Prep Overview Class - Ascension St. Vincent

Welcome to Childbirth Preparation Overview Class offered by Ascension St Vincent Women's Hospital!

This Virtual Childbirth Preparation Class focuses on an overview of birth and your hospital stay. It includes research-based information for mom and her care partner. Please note that the information covered in this class is also covered in our Childbirth Series Class. This Childbirth Preparation Overview Class is a one time, 3 hour class that provides an overview of childbirth; whereas our Childbirth Series Class is more extensive class that reviews the principals of Lamaze and is three, 3 hour class sessions.

Topics include:
- What is labor and when should I come to the hospital?
- What happens when I get to the hospital?
- Explore comfort and intervention options

Please have 2-3 pillows or a comforter to use for class interactive exercises.

*It is recommended that you complete this class at least 30 days before your due date.

Registration includes both mom and care partner. Class registration is non-refundable, however, we would be happy to move you to another class with 72 hours notice.

Once registered, you will receive an additional email link inviting you to attend this class through Google Meets. You will be able to view the class using your laptop, tablet, desktop or smart phone. If you choose to use a smart phone or tablet, you will be prompted to download the Google Meets App, which is a free download. There will be opportunities throughout the class to ask questions of the instructor.