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2023 Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC)

**Online registration is not available for TNCC. Registration is via email ONLY! Your email MUST include both the registration form and the IDT form signed by your manager/educator.


1. Download the TNCC registration form (ALL) and the TNCC IDT form (Ascension Seton associates ONLY).

2. Submit BOTH documents to the TNCC Course Director at the site where you would like to attend TNCC. Your manager or educator MUST approve of your request and sign the IDT form if you are an Ascension Seton associate. Payment MUST be included at time of registration!

Submission of the request is NOT a guarantee that you will be accepted into the course. You will receive a separate email confirmation from the TNCC Course Director.

If you have any questions, please email the Course Director.

Aaron Barbin at earl.barbin@ascension.org for DCMC classes,

Kendra Azelton at kendra.azelton@ascension.org for DSMCUT classes or

Kristi Stephenson at kstephenson@ascension.org for ASMCW classes.

The TNCC Provider course is designed to provide core level knowledge and psychomotor skills associated with the delivery of professional nursing to the trauma patient.

TNCC is a two day course comprised of didactic discussion based learning and skills stations. You must attend BOTH days to receive credit for the course. All TNCC courses will be conducted with social distancing/COVID19 considerations.

Official participation is limited to registered nurses. It is recommended that the RN participant have at least 6 months of clinical nursing experience in an emergency care setting.

The Emergency Nurses Association will award 18.3 Type I CECH for course completion.

Registration closes 30 days prior to the start of the class. No late registrations allowed.

  • Network: $275 (Ascension Seton Registered Nurses)
  • Non-network: $375
  • Contact Course Director for auditor rates

Course materials will be sent out approximately 30 days prior to the class. All in person courses will be held with social distancing and mandatory masking. If you have any symptoms of COVID19, please do not come to class! Contact the Course Director to make other arrangements.

2023 Course Dates

DCMC course dates DSMCUT course dates ASMCW course dates

January 21 & 27 February 3 & 10 March 22 & 29

April 22 & 28 May 12 & 19 June 21 & 28

July 15 & 21 August 4 & 11 September 20 & 27

October 14 & 20 November 10 & 17 December 6 & 13

Please note that the 2 day course dates are NOT consecutive!

*Lunch and parking will be provided for classes sponsored by DSMCUT, held at the CEC only.


Ascension Seton Associates ONLY: TNCC Interdepartmental Transfer Form.pdf

The course fee is non-refundable except in case of course cancellation.