Babies Do Come With Instructions - Newborn Class IN PERSON

Doesn't matter where you live or where you intend to deliver. This class is for YOU!

This course is for first-time parents, caregivers, adoptive parents and grandparents

This Advanced Newborn Care Class, is a unique learning experience that provides comprehensive information about how to care for your new baby.

This fun, interactive course is encouraged before you deliver to boost your confidence and help you transition into your new role as a parent. We provide expectant parents with practical information to help prepare you for your immediate postpartum period and care of your baby from birth to the baby’s first months at home. You will learn vital information on caring for baby

You will learn about:

Tips on Adjusting to Parenthood

Bathing, diapering, swaddling, burping and handling

Umbilical Cord and Circumcision Care


Safe Sleep and Wake/Sleep Cycles

When to Call the Doctor

Postpartum essentials

This class is 2 hours long

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  2. This is an IN PERSON class

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Refund Statement:

Due to limited classes, we regret we must keep rescheduling to a minimum. A class may be rescheduled one time for non-emergency reasons. For class cancellations, a minimum of 24 hours advanced notice prior to the class is required to be eligible for a full refund. Refunds will not be issued for any missed classes.

We reserve the right to cancel classes due to inclement weather, lack of participants, and/or scheduling conflicts.

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August 24, 2024
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November 9, 2024
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