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Virtual Childbirth Education Appleton/Oshkosh Area- Comprehensive 4 Week

Childbirth 4 week Series

Available Online




Our Virtual Childbirth Education Class is open to all families regardless of birth hospital. This 4-week class offers live virtual instruction with one of our Childbirth educators.

Topics include:

  • Pregnancy – body changes, discomforts, warning signs, nutrition and exercise
  • Labor – birth preparation, pre-labor signs, onset of labor and labor process
  • Stages of Labor – real-life birth stories
  • Comfort Techniques – breathing, relaxation, labor and pushing positions and advice for partners
  • Medical Procedures - induction and augmentation, fetal monitoring, medical pain relief, and assistance for 2nd stage
  • Cesarean Birth - reasons for surgical delivery, risks/benefits, the procedure and recovery
  • Newborns - newborn procedures, SIDS prevention, safe sleep
  • Postpartum - physical and emotional changes, breastfeeding basics and more

The dates listed are of the FIRST class of each 4-week series.

It's recommended that you register while in your sixth or seventh month of pregnancy to best retain what you learn.

Any questions or class scholarship information - please contact:

**There is a 1 day Express Childbirth Class option as well:

Please Note: Once you register a Zoom link will be sent to you for your class.  This link should be used for each of your 4 classes.