Crystal Finishing Mosinee Flu Clinic

Welcome to the registration page for Crystal Finishing Mosinee 2020 Influenza Vaccination!

This page is for registration of flu vaccination for Crystal Finishing Mosinee.

**For the Schofield location, please see this link: https://ascension-wi.regfox.com/crystal-finishing-flu-clinics**

Please fill in your information, select a date and time, and you will be added to the schedule. Please submit a new registration for each individual. One ten minute slot is for one immunization only.

Please arrive for your vaccination on time, and preferably with short sleeves if possible for ease of vaccination.

**If you are not feeling well, or experiencing fever, new or changing cough, loss of taste or smell, difficulty breathing, or any other concerning symptom, please do not schedule an appointment.**

Please contact the clinic directly for any questions or concerns related to registration.