Ascension at Home (formerly Wheaton Circle of Life)

About Us

Filling the Gaps in Care; Fostering Hope & Healing

Established in 2004, Ascension at Home (formerly Wheaton Circle of Life) provides philanthropic support to the following programs and transitional and extended care facilities within Ascension:

  • Hospice Care
  • Home Health
  • Senior Care
  • Franciscan Woods
  • Terrace at St. Francis

For questions or to make a gift to the Circle of Life Foundation, please call 414-874-6278.


Health challenges can leave us feeling lost and alone. The Circle of Life Foundation supports several programs to provide comfort, support and education.

"We both appreciate the care my wife is getting here. This is a good way of showing it and making her feel more at home." - Erv Groth


Maintaining a home-like environment at our transitional and extended care facilities is important to the well being of each patient and resident. Through our Adopt-A-Room program, adopted rooms received new furniture, including an armoire, bedside cabinet, head and foot board for the bed, and stylish new chair. The room is stenciled with a border to personalize it even further.

Approximately 25 rooms have been adopted to date, some in memory of loved ones, some to honor friends and family, and even one in celebration of a wedding. Adopted rooms are marked with a customized commemorative plaque.

The cost of adopting one room is $2,000. A room may be sponsored in its entirety or contributions may be made toward the Adopt-A-Room program.

Dream a Little Dream

Everyone needs a dream. Some people just have a harder time seeing their dream come true. The Circle of Life Foundation is there to help those people with its Dream a Little Dream program. This program fulfills the dreams of Wheaton Franciscan Home Health & Hospice patients, as well as residents of Franciscan Woods and the Terrace at St. Francis.

Dreams come in all sizes and shapes and may be submitted by the patient or a caregiver. One patient's dream was to write letters to all of her loved ones, to be delivered when she was gone. With the help of a volunteer and some lovely stationery, this dream was fulfilled. A wheelchair-bound resident's wish was to ride again in a plane. Arrangements were made with a local pilot who owned a wheelchair-accessible plane and the resident was soaring again.


Whether large or small, gifts to this program bring a smile to the face and joy to the heart of the recipient and the giver. Gifts may be designated to a specific area or applied where the need is greatest.

  • Dream Maker: $500 gift
  • Dream Catcher: $100 gift
  • Dream Weaver: $25 gift