Fareesa Khan, MD

Fareesa Khan, MD



I am focused on the care of women, generally speaking, women in their mid and older years who suffer from pelvic floor disorders. So these are women who have a variety of issues that could include urinary incontinence, voiding dysfunction, and really any other condition affecting the female pelvic floor. A lot of times women will come in because they're embarrassed or they're limiting their social interactions with others because they're afraid of pelvic floor conditions. So for example, they're not going out because they're afraid of urinary leakage or they're having pelvic area pain. We offer a variety of treatments ranging from conservative treatment options, up through surgical options. Women will come into my office expecting six weeks of recovery after a pelvic surgery, and I love being able to tell them that that's not the case anymore. A lot of times we can get women up and moving and even discharged on the same day. I love going into surgery knowing that when I'm done, I can with confidence, restore a woman's quality of life. So it's really nice to be able to have a woman come in and say, "Finally, I'm not worried about this anymore. I can go on living and I can find something else to concentrate on.


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