Level I trauma care for Indiana children helps families stay together

Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital is a verified Level I Pediatric Trauma Center in Indianapolis treating children with life-threatening injuries.

When members of a family experience injuries from a traumatic incident, there is comfort in being treated together at the same hospital. Peyton Manning Children's Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana, is verified by the American College of Surgeons as a Level I Pediatric Trauma Center.  Combined with the verified Level I Adult Trauma Center at Ascension St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis, children and adults with complex traumatic injuries can receive the highest level of trauma care under one roof. 

"The Level I Pediatric Trauma Center verification assures families and referring providers that we are prepared to care for the most severely injured children," said Dr. Brett Engbrecht, Pediatric Trauma Program Medical Director.Critically-injured children involved in motor vehicle collisions, sports accidents, burns, falls and other life-threatening injuries will receive care from a multidisciplinary team of pediatric surgeons, intensive care specialists, hospitalists, cardiologists, anesthesiologists, radiologists, certified child life specialists and social workers.

In September 2023, Tuleen Bataineh, 15, and her mother, Nadia Zaarur, received life-threatening injuries in a car accident in Indianapolis and needed emergency care from trauma specialists. They were transported by helicopter to Ascension St. Vincent Level I Adult Trauma Center and Peyton Manning Children's Hospital Level I Pediatric Trauma Center. Tuleen and Nadia spent two months in the hospital healing from broken bones and internal injuries. Having both of them in the same hospital made it easier for Tuleen's father to visit her and her mother. 

"For me, because I was visiting daily, it was really easy. I could see both in one trip," said Nabil Bataineh, Tuleen's father and Nadia’s husband.

The Peyton Manning Children's Hospital trauma care team also considers the mental and emotional well-being of families after a traumatic event. Having a Level I Adult and Pediatric Trauma Center in one location eliminates the stress of caring for family members in multiple hospitals at one time. "We know there are a lot more cases of post-traumatic stress that happen with trauma than we realized in the past," Dr. Engbrecht said. "This new emphasis for trauma centers considers the mental health of patients and provides the additional level of care needed, which we do here at Ascension St. Vincent and Peyton Manning Children's Hospital.”

To learn more about Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital, or to make a referral, visit ascension.org

If your child is experiencing a life-threatening emergency, go directly to the ER or call 911.