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Doug Wilson Before and After Weight loss

Pensacola man takes control of health, loses 150 lbs. after bariatric surgery

A Pensacola, Florida man embraces a new active life after having weight-loss surgery and support at Ascension Sacred Heart.

Driving an 18-wheeler truck 300 to 700 miles a day took a toll on Doug Wilson’s health, leading to weight gain. In his five years as a driver he developed diabetes and a sleep disorder. His health was further derailed when his 18-wheeler was careened into a ditch.

“I had brain surgery, but I was lucky to be alive,” said Wilson, 68, who weighed 320 pounds at his heaviest. He recalls carrying the extra weight led to frequent pain and difficulties in everyday tasks, such as bending down and tying his shoes. After his accident, he took 30 pills a day. “I reached a point where I knew I had to take control of my health.” 

His road to improved health started in 2020 when he scheduled an appointment with the bariatrics care team at Ascension Sacred Heart Weight-Loss Center Pensacola. “The team I worked with were all top notch,” Wilson says. He had gastric bypass surgery, in which the stomach’s capacity is reduced from the size of a football to the size of an egg. This helps a person feel fuller with smaller amounts of food. 

The care teams at Ascension Sacred Heart provided the guidance Wilson needed to succeed after his bariatric surgery. Wilson says it was a total lifestyle change. Three years later, he’s lost 150 pounds.

“Losing weight was the first step,” he said. “Keeping the weight off is something I continue to work on.”

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