Ascension Michigan doctor shares five steps to a healthier and happier you

Primary care doctor Bryanne Standifer-Barrett, MD, at Ascension Providence Hospital Omni Medical in Southfield, Michigan, shares healthy habit tips.

You're not alone in setting health and well-being goals for the year. You can partner with doctors like Dr. Bryanne Standifer-Barrett at Ascension Michigan to create care plans to help you achieve your goals. Like her patients, Dr. Standifer-Barrett has set her own goals of becoming fit and working on her self-care routine. “I had a baby last year, and I gained weight, so I’m practicing what I advise my patients.” She shares three ways to start the year with health goals that will help you in the long term.

1. Take control of your health

Keeping up with your health needs to happen at home. If you manage diabetes or high blood pressure, taking your medicine as prescribed and having a blood pressure monitor at home can help you stay on top of your health. 

2. Get in the habit of moving

Put time on your calendar for exercise to hold yourself accountable. A consistent exercise routine can keep disease away and help with heart health. Get at least 30 minutes of vigorous 

3. Make your mental health a priority

Reach out to your primary care doctor when you need help or someone to listen, even if it's for just one visit. It's important to be able to talk things through with a professional in a safe, unbiased space. A primary care doctor is a great place to start - and scheduling online is easy. 

4. Start a conversation with a doctor who listens and connects you with specialists

Your doctor can help you reach your health goals with a personalized care plan and can connect you with the right specialists when you need more advanced care. Whether you need a health screening, preventive care, are concerned about new symptoms, want to check on an ongoing condition or just aren't feeling well, don’t delay care. Ascension Michigan doctors and care teams listen to understand you and your current health concerns and connect the dots for care when you need additional care including heart, brain and spine, orthopedic care and more.

Dr. Standifer-Barrett cares for adults of all ages with a focus on internal medicine. Visit or call 248-985-7080 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Standifer-Barrett.