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Ascension Via Christi Weight Management helps WSU data manager lose 145 pounds

Kevin Crabtree struggled with his weight for 20 years, trying different diets that only brought about moderate, short-term success.

At 346 pounds, he began feeling the physical effects and his body was asking for a long-term fix.

“My recent yearly physicals started showing an alarming trend in my lab work and many of the test results were headed into danger levels that would lead to several health issues,” says the 54-year-old data warehousing and reporting manager for Wichita State University. “I also was experiencing more pain in my knees and losing active mobility in daily sports events.”

So he put his analytical skills to use as he began looking into bariatric weight-loss surgery programs.

“I did my research to better understand what it was and how my life would be different after the surgery and made the decision with my family and my physician that it was my best option to change my life,” says Kevin.

He chose Ascension Via Christi Weight Management as his bariatric weight-loss partner. He then began attending weekly nutrition and surgery preparation classes designed to prepare patients for the mental, physical and emotional changes that come from bariatric weight-loss surgery.

The classes were extremely valuable, he says, even though he had heard much of the information before.

“Being involved in weekly classes with excellent materials really helped me understand what I needed to do,” says Kevin. “The ongoing support through weekly meetings with those who have completed surgery has been amazing as well as the nutritionist being available at any time.”

Kevin subsequently lost 25 pounds prior to his October 2021 surgery, which he says wouldn’t have been possible without others’ support, including that of his family physician.

“My family has been fully invested in this with me from the start and they understand what I need to do and help keep me on track with our food options at home and outside the house,” he says,

Today, Kevin weighs 201 pounds, having lost a total of 145 pounds since beginning the program.

“I believe the biggest key to my success has been my personal commitment to the whole process,” says Kevin. “When I made the decision that the surgery was right for me, I made the commitment right then that I was going to change my life for the better and save myself from years of medical issues.”

Kevin has this advice for others: “I believe that you must be mentally prepared to take on this lifestyle change from the beginning because it is not a ‘magic pill’ that helps you lose weight. It takes lots of hard work and planning to be sure you get the nutrition you need daily to keep your body healthy and strong while going through the life-changing process.”

However, he says, it’s worth it. “The changes are amazing!”

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