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Compassionate care makes all the difference

While every birthing experience is different, it’s the compassionate care of your labor and delivery team that makes all the difference. Isabella, mom of two, discovered this first-hand.

Isabella’s first birth experience left her anxious as she approached the delivery of her second child. To minimize uncertainty, she chose to make an appointment to be induced. Still, Isabella’s mom, Stephanie, saw how concerned her daughter was about her upcoming induction. As a nurse herself, Stephanie was especially invested in her daughter’s birthing experience. 

The day of Isabella’s induction, both her and her mom arrived at Ascension Genesys Hospital where they were immediately introduced to Brenda, Isabella’s delivery nurse. “From the get-go, she took the time to listen and connect with all of us. She quickly instilled a strong level of trust,” said Stephanie.

Brenda, a nurse since 1987, listened as Isabella shared her past experience. “She truly listened to me and administered care according to my wants and needs,” said Isabella.

As her labor progressed, Isabella requested that her own OB-GYN, Dr. Christopher D. Tycocki, be present. Brenda called the doctor and kept Isabella comfortable and calm until Dr. Tycocki arrived and her baby was born.

“I couldn’t have asked for a smoother birthing experience,” said Isabella. 

“Brenda went 110% out of her way to ensure that everything about this labor and delivery was perfect. Boy, did she deliver!” said Stephanie. “Because of Brenda’s exceptional care, my daughter was able to relax, be present in the moment, and focus on the joy of meeting her new daughter.”

As a nurse herself, Stephanie appreciated Brenda’s care that much more. “The difference we (RNs) make to our patients' experience is what makes our job so worthwhile. From one RN to another...Thank you Brenda! We could not have been blessed with this beautiful experience without you. Please remember — you make a difference!”

Isabella, who is also an RN, and Brenda are now friends on Facebook.

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