Patient's stomach pain turns out to be more than a stomach bug | Ascension

Patient's stomach pain turns out to be more than a stomach bug

As a single mom, Kelly Anderson didn’t have time to be sick. But after experiencing intense abdominal pain for several days and a long night with nausea, she finally gave in and drove to Ascension St. Vincent’s St. Johns County’s ER.

"I thought they would give me a prescription for antibiotics and I would be on my way to take my daughter to school that morning," Anderson said.

Unfortunately, her stomach pain was more than a stomach bug. Anderson had an infected appendix that required emergency surgery.

"I've never had surgery before, so it was overwhelming when I heard the news," she said. Since Anderson's mother was watching her daughter, she was by herself at the hospital. Anderson said the care team’s reassurance and explanation of what was happening along the way calmed her nerves down.

"They made me feel that care for my health was their main focus," she said. "Moving around was difficult with my pain, but several nurses offered help however I needed."

"The care team seemed genuine about helping me feel better. They listened to me and never pushed my concerns away. They made sure to get it right for me."

During her overnight stay after surgery, she continued to feel well taken care of. "Nurses and techs made sure I had all I needed to rest and heal," she said. "They even tracked down a popsicle in the middle of the night! Even on a weekend, nothing lacked followup and the level of care never wavered."

"The entire care staff in every department made me seem like I mattered. I was their main focus the whole time."

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