Blood bank medical technologist celebrates 55 years at Ascension Via Christi St. Francis

For as long as she can remember, Linda Hogan has felt called to lend others a helping hand.

She once chased after a fire truck with no intention of gawking at the fire or disaster. She just wanted to help.

"I like to jump in and make things better," says Hogan, a medical technologist who has spent all but six months of her 55 years of service at Ascension Via Christi St. Francis working in its Blood Bank.

"I like the scientific nature of the blood work we do, but I am blessed to be working with a lot of wonderful people," she says. "Whether it be technology advancements or other changes, the people are always wonderful."

As a student, Hogan says, medical technology was her most difficult subject. But instead of shying away from it, she jumped in head first.

Says Hogan: "I didn’t pick this up right away and so I challenged myself to get good at finding all possible solutions and refining the vital details of this field."

Two years after completing school, she also began teaching at Wichita State University, where during her 31-year tenure she helped establish its Medical Technology program.

Hogan says her favorite part of her work in the Blood Bank is serving as a member of St. Francis’ Level 1 Trauma team.

"In those emergency situations, we have to move quickly and with accuracy to provide the products the bedside team needs to save lives," she says. "I enjoy that I can do my part in the background and know it’s making a difference."

Hogan credits her longevity on the job to the many service-minded individuals with whom she serves.

"I especially love those I work with how rewarding it is to serve alongside extraordinary people," she says. "When you put your focus on those things, it gives you a much better outlook on life."

Lab manager Kyla Stephenson says Hogan’s experience has positively and repeatedly impacted those around her.

"For more than half a century, Linda has shared her knowledge with so many others, both as an instructor and mentor for other staff," says Stephenson. "She is a blessing to her team, patients and their families, and the communities across Kansas that we serve."

Outside of work, Hogan likes to spend her time nurturing canaries, orchids and grandkids; enjoying her family; and reading two to three books a week.