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Active umpire finds relief from knee pain

Knee surgery at Ascension Saint Thomas Orthopedic Institute in Nashville, Tennessee, helps a referee get back on the field.

Clara Dewberry, 59, was working as an umpire at a softball tournament when she realized something didn’t feel right. As she was running to second base to catch a play, she felt her knee twist. 

“I had never felt that sort of pain before in my knees,” Clara said. “I knew something was wrong.” 

As she continued to officiate basketball and softball games, Clara’s knee pain got worse. She received knee injections for the pain, but said the pain didn’t improve. She said her doctor recommended joint replacement in both knees. 

“I called my son to talk it over with him, prayed about it and finally made the decision to go for it,” Clara said. 

Clara said she is pleased with the outcome of her double knee replacement. 

“After just two weeks of recovery, I wanted to get up and get moving,” she said. “I had physical therapy a few times a week for a month, and it went very well. I loved my experience at Ascension Saint Thomas Orthopedic Institute.”

Clara said she looks forward to continuing an active lifestyle in sports as an umpire and referee, so she can use her skills to help more kids. 

“I love helping kids learn the way of the game,” she said. 

Orthopedic specialists and care teams at Ascension Saint Thomas Orthopedic Institute take the time to listen and understand patients and their joint pain. More patients choose Ascension Saint Thomas Orthopedic Institute for joint and spine procedures than any other health system in the region. 

If joint pain is affecting your daily life, it may be time to think about shoulder, knee or hip replacement surgery. Don’t let joint pain stop you from enjoying the things you love. Talk to an orthopedic specialist today. We’re maintaining strict precautions to keep you safe in our care.