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New baby and lots of questions?

Keep a list of questions for your baby’s first visit to the pediatrician.

Whether you’re a new mom or already have kids, you probably have questions. To help you get all the information you need, we started a list of things you can ask your baby’s pediatrician at their first visit.

When should I take my newborn for a first visit with a pediatrician?

It’s important for your pediatrician to check on your baby’s progress and get to know you both. Your pediatrician may see your baby before they leave the hospital. Your pediatrician will also schedule another visit within the first few weeks after delivery. Keeping up with checkups can help your baby stay healthy.

How often should I schedule a pediatrician appointment for my baby?

Your pediatrician will make sure you have a list of important vaccines and check-up milestones. Talk with your child’s doctor about the right schedule for preventive care appointments. And ask your child’s doctor who you should contact when your child is sick or injured after normal office hours.

When should babies receive their first vaccine?

Vaccinations can help protect your child from diseases that can make them very sick and may cause long-term health problems. Most infants receive their first vaccines before they leave the hospital. Then, they receive their next round when they are between one and two months old. Talk with your baby’s pediatrician to make sure you keep your child up to date on vaccines.

How do I care for my baby’s umbilical cord?

Most new parents are anxious to know what to do about their baby’s umbilical cord. Ask your pediatrician for instructions on how to care for and gently keep your baby’s umbilical cord clean.

How often should I give my baby a bath?

Many pediatricians recommend bathing an infant about three times a week. Talk with your baby’s pediatrician about what’s right for your child.

What position is best for my baby to sleep in?

Sleep is important...for you and your baby. It’s safest for babies to sleep on their backs. Talk with your baby’s pediatrician about how your child is sleeping, questions and concerns.

How much should my infant sleep?

Most infants sleep between 14 to 18 hours a day, and wake up regularly to eat. Talk with your pediatrician about how your baby is sleeping and share questions or concerns you may have.

What should I do if my baby has a fever?

If your baby is younger than 3 months and has a fever over 100.4F, go to the emergency room right away. Fever may be a sign of serious infection. Be sure to keep a rectal thermometer handy with your baby’s supplies so that you can get an accurate temperature when you suspect your baby might have a fever.

Should I be worried if my baby has a rash?

Many new parents are worried when their baby gets a rash or other skin issues. Skin irritations can be normal and may be caused by a variety of things. Ask your pediatrician for advice on caring for your baby’s skin.

Should I worry if my baby spits after eating and how much is normal?

Whether you are breastfeeding or feeding your baby formula, it’s normal for your baby to spit up after eating. Ask your pediatrician for tips on ways to feed your baby that may reduce how much they spit up.

I’m worried about what I’m seeing in my baby’s diaper — what’s normal?

Most infants poop several times a day. And don’t be surprised if it is a color you didn’t expect. Ask your pediatrician about what you are seeing with your baby and about what is normal.

How often should I feed my newborn?

Most infants should be fed multiple times each day — between 8 and 12 times a day. Ask your pediatrician how much and how often you should feed your baby.

How quickly should my infant start to gain weight?

Each baby is an individual. Tracking your baby’s growth is an important part of regular well care visits with your pediatrician.